Hi Shiv Shankarji The engine noise of my Ikon

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Hi Shiv Shankarji,
The engine noise of my Ikon TDCi(Diesel) is comparatively high compared to other diesel versions of ford , namely FIESTA ad FUSION, both of which are using the same engine as IKON Diesel.
Sir, is it possible to have covering under the bonnet in my IKON as the company is providing in FIESTA, so as to reduce the engine noise. The car is only 5 months old and under warranty for 3 years. but if the ford authorised service centre refuses to do it, can I do it from some other company workshop by paying from my pocket?.
I would like to get the engine noise reduced somehow.
Kindly advise.
  • 4901 day(s) ago by Venkitesh
Under: Ford Ikon #Cars
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By providing insulation under bonnet, the engine noise transmitted outside can be slightly reduced.Also the overall noise of engine depends upon different parameters like basic engine construction,dampers etc.It can be fitted from outside also.Care must be taken to avoid any modification to original design of and components ( except providing insulation cover) as it may affect warranty.

Posted: 4900 day(s) ago

To make sure that your car is making more noise compared to other Ikons, go to the dealer and have another new Ikon patrked next to your's and start both the engines with the bonnet open.Now check the noise levelof both and compare. Now. close the bonnet and compare the noise levels. If the levels are the same, there is nothing wrong with your car.If there is a noticeable difference, have the dealer check out the reason.
If the noise levels are same and you want to reduce it, you may try the blanket method.

Posted: 4900 day(s) ago

Well , i feel , if the engine noise is more then , there is very little that u can do , but i must say , mr shiv has given a decent advice , i think u should do that , but i think that u should start to live with it , u will become habitual of that ....

Posted: 4884 day(s) ago

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