hi iam in the us and would like to own a hindustan

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hi iam in the us and would like to own a hindustan ambassador . do you know if they are legal for street use here. and how doesn one go about getting one. iam having difficulty figuring out the models of the ambassador. I am looking for a classic bodystyle and left hand drive. how does one convert the figures of inian money into american dollar. any help you can provide is great ly appreciated. beebo1895@hotmail.com
  • 4905 day(s) ago by Bobby Henley
Under: Hindustan Motors Ambassador #Cars
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Using Old Ambasador will not be permitted to use in USA.

Posted: 4905 day(s) ago

Santhosh Olympuss

For using ambassador in the US is Not That easy, but the novel versions can be used after obtaning the permission of the Road dept. of the US. for that u will have to walk a lot. any how try.. best wishes for ur desire to bring the amby to the US

Posted: 4904 day(s) ago

I am a proud Owner of Hindustan Ambassador of 1967 Make, Mark
2. It is now in Jacks as I have not used for some time.
It is a Right Hand Model and Hindustan Motors had not made any car to Left hand side as it is required by US LAWS and hence,first you have to convert it from Right to Left and
then see how it can be IMPORTED to USA.
It is a difficult process but technically it is possible, especially if the Car is in Hyderabad or in CALCUTTA where
there may be Mechanics who can do this conversion. If there is any Car Trade member in Calcutta or Hyderabad,they can contact me,and if it is possible we can go ahead.Lastly it has to be APPROVED by GOVT of INDIA , Automotive Research Assosciation of India at Pune that it is ROADWORTHY and after that it has to be Exported to USA and provided US officaials agree to the Certificate of RTO INDIA and the
last hitch is that this ENGINE i,e 1489cc MORRIS ENgine from British Motor COrportion,is highly POLLUTING and whether the US AUthorities will pass this vehicle to run on USA Roads.?/
There is so many IFS and BUTS and many HURDLES to be crossed before you drive this Amby in USA. THen lastly the
Spare Parts requried for Maintenance may not be available there. ALL SAID and DONE ,I think,YOU WILL HAVE TO DROP this GRAND IDEA and it will not work out as the Two GOVTs
will not AGREE.
You can first try whether this AMBY can run as RIGHT hand side,like there are so many vehicles earlier which were imported to INDIA, had LEFt hand drive but there was a BOARD at the REAR,informing the same to be CAUTION while Drivers driving Behind that car.It will be difficult in USA to drive a RHS vehicle where Left hand is used 100%.
They should again allow the Engine of this vehicle as it will exceed the LIMITS of almost NEAR ZERO POLLUTION in USA,especially if it is in CALIFORNIA, (My Son is in SANFRANSICO,in SAN CARLOS- I can give his cell number).etc.
DR P C RAO,Consultant,PUNE 3 Jan 09

Posted: 4902 day(s) ago

118 NE
For Mr. P C Rao,
Is the engine a MOWOG casting ? If so would you be interested in parting with the car and at what price? My mail is manjunath.janakiram@gmail or manju_1411@yahoo.com

Posted: 4902 day(s) ago

Hello Bobby,
first of all, Hindustan Motors donot produce any ambassadors that are left hand drive. I have seen these ambys in the UK being run as exotic taxis, but again they are right hand drive. Getting the car improted from India might be a cumbersome process, but first you will have to convert into a left hand drive. You may look into the possibility of imperting from UK - at least those would configure to the emisssion norms than those from India.

Posted: 4902 day(s) ago

A limited number of Ambassadors with left hand drivr were created for nigeris so the parts exist for conversion to left hand drive. Stiill an amby is too slow for us highways.

Posted: 1777 day(s) ago

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