I want to buy a gud used suv plz suggest

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I want to buy a gud used suv. plz suggest?
  • 3864 day(s) ago by Virk
Under:   #Cars
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A Used Tata Safari will be a good choice considering price ,performance . And It makes a big impression too .

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

New car is best

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Pl. call 9810480217 for any req. of used and new cars.

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Nikhil Sanghvi
Look for a Nissan X Trail. It is fully loaded vehicle very fuel efficient and practically maintenance free.

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Prof P C Rao
This is a very general question. SUV is acronym for Sports Utility vehicle.In India,there are different varieties from Tata Motors to foreign companies selling SUV. The definition may change as Tata Motors Safari is also a SUV and general SUV is the Tata SUMO now known as Tata Grand.It all depends upon what you want the vehicle to do and how you are going to get the best. You should browse through Auto Magazines or on Internet on various companies sites and take a decision. I feel Tata Grand is the best for its price and carrying capacity for level road applications. If it is off road ,then, you may have to go for four by four operation of SUVs.
Prof P C Rao,020-2588 1348- Pune

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

I am looking a good used suv

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Don't go to used SUV

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

the good car is the better car for use by the mileage pickup and seating must be good if it may be safari

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Ur price band is not stated.But dont fall for used Safaris.Scorpios r a good bet.Taveras give good mileage.In Bolero the ride is quite bumpy but it s reliable ,low on maintenance ,good mileage(10-14 kmpl),powerful A/c,Compact size,WITH A 4X4 go anywhere(I own 2 cars one is an indigo & the other a 2001 Bolero already run 133000 kms and still gwain strong.All I do is change the oils every 5000kms & checkup for loose items once in amonth & correct the wheel alignment every 5000kms& and I don't intend to sell it soon.Mind u I live in Hilly terrain and the Bol is the King here)

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

Pls. call 98450636 for any req. of used and new cars.Ford Endevour

Posted: 3864 day(s) ago

I have an Imported 7 seater Toyota suites for all the usage with excellent features.In case u r interested pl call on 09980519908.Bangalore

Posted: 3810 day(s) ago

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