Hi I had a problem with my car SX4 i reacently had

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I had a problem with my car SX4,i reacently had engine head over-haul and piston rings replaced.From that onwards i am getting volve's noice plz throw some lite on this.need help very urgent......

What is the function of knock sensor does failure of it causes volve's noice? do we need to open the engine again to check the volve's if the problem is not because of knock sensor? any consequences because of volve's noice?

Best Regards
  • 4564 day(s) ago by Ramangireddy Gazzala
Under: Maruti SX4 #Cars
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It seems that you are total duffer when it comes to the department of Automobile engineering. Please do not waste your time on "Volve's noice" when you do not know what the "Valve" is!

Posted: 4563 day(s) ago

I wonder how you got all such problem is SX4. Because I had one 2007 model, and I sold it because of the "JUMPING"like a horse.But never I come across any engine problem. My best advice is sell it and get a used Honda City 1998 to 2002 model.

Posted: 4562 day(s) ago

Once the engine is overhaulved, it takes sometime for the engine to get set completly.Please run the car in range of max of 80KMPH for about 1000 KM or so and the unusual sound could be reduced.However if it persists even at lower speeds, in let system needs to be inspected and there is no need for reopening of engine.

Posted: 4562 day(s) ago

Ramangireddy Gazzala
Thanks Shiva....

I highly appriciate your help...

Best Regards

Posted: 4562 day(s) ago

Prashant Shiradkar
My advise is sell your car & buy Honda City.
Maruti does'not know how to make cars above Swift.

Posted: 4562 day(s) ago

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