hi all One of my friend planning to buy a opel astra

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hi all,

One of my friend planning to buy a opel astra which is a 1998 model top model, 1,00,000 kms done, fitted with LPG kit in delhi and in good working condition. Owner ask it for Rs 50,000. Is this a good amount to buy this car. And i also wanna know about as opel is now not in working. Is there any harm to buy an opel car. Or there parts are easily available in delhi markets and one more thing wat about there maintanance. Is it quite higher side or its normal. Need experts answers and people who are using this vicheles. No meaningless reply plzzzzz.


Amit Tyagi
  • 4082 day(s) ago by Amit Tyagi
Under: Opel Astra #Cars
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Opel Astra of 1998 at 50K seems to be a good offer. But the diffficult thing is to judge the actual condition of vehicle as it has been run for 1 lac KM and also fitted with LPG. As you have mentioned that the vehicel is in good condition, you can goahead and buy the same. GM dealer in your area will take care of maintenance. Maintence cost will be onhigher side compared withthat of MarutiSuzuki but wont much. Finally, recommended to check the service history or take a mechanic to check actual condition of vehicle.

Posted: 4081 day(s) ago

Apurva Mody
Dear Amit,
Hi, Thanx for giving me thies oppertunity,

I would suggest that opel astra is the best car , but if it is in a good condition, and wht u r trying to buy is i think very old , maintainance of this car is very heavy, the parts are easily available but prity expensive.
So, I suggest first u see the condition and then take the decision other wise ull be in very big trouble,
No hard feelings, this is my personal thinking, then it depends upon u wht to do.

apurva mody.

Posted: 4080 day(s) ago

the opel astra is a very good car... no doubt about it.. comfort, safety.. everything is fine.. the price is also decent.. but let me tell you this.. I'm sure the car will need some minor repairs before you can take it out.. which will surely cost you another 50k. within the 1st one year you will end up spending another 1lakh for other unexpected repairs that will arise as the car is already 12 years old and has done 1lakh kms. the GM service center will take care of maintenance, but the spare parts will be damn expensive.. and will take atleast 1-2 weeks to get, as the spare parts will be ordered thru the factory in gujarat and imported from germany. this is because production stopped and no one makes these spare parts anymore.. if you are lucky, TVS-lucas may have their version of some of the spare parts. If you have 2-3 lakhs in hand and lots of patience and a standby car everytime this goes to the workshop, you can very well buy this car.

Posted: 4078 day(s) ago

Kuldeep Singh
hi,opel astra is very good, built like a tank, very comfortable car .if it has 16nzr engine n every thing is working, than go for it. just check the condition of the car. how many kms. it has done in lpg, in petrol, engine is good for 2 lakh kms. spare parts in delhi are easily available. my car has done 85000 kms. i have changed only master cylinder and suspension bushes, all costing 5000/

Posted: 4077 day(s) ago

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