Hi I want to buy a car and thinking about wagon r

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I want to buy a car and thinking about wagon r, santro xing and spark. What whould you say, which one is good?
  • 4665 day(s) ago by Sanjeev
Under: Chevrolet Spark #Cars
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Among the thres Santro is has the best combination of power features and price. Chevrolet Soark is good in performance and warranty back up but the rear seat is bit congested for three pax and the same in Wagon R also.Earlier Spark had great value for the offers and with the hike in price to over 3.5 lac for basic model, the demand is reduced considerbly.

Posted: 4665 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Not much to separate between the Santro and the Wagon R, although the Wagon R has the better engine with sixteen valves. The Spark is a smaller car, with better fuel efficiency but with the corresponding compromise in space and performance.

Posted: 4665 day(s) ago

Dont buy Wagon-R current model is going to get revised internally as well as externally.

Posted: 4665 day(s) ago

Wait for 4-5 months as Wagon-R's new model is getting launched with new K-series engine.

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

Hi sanjeev,
Among these Santro Xing is the best. I had the same apprehensions like you before i purchased i-10. I want you to think for i-10 as this is the best car in terms of looks and space. It is 70mm wider than santro and there is a difference of around Rs. 10k between these two. So I suggest you to go for i-10 Era.

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

Sorry I do not agree with Mr. Shiv Shankar Of Car Trade India ... beacuse Spark can easily sit 3 in the back seat.
The difference in width is just 15 to 20 MM ???
Overall Milage: Santro = 12.5 km/Ltr, Wagon R - 13 km/ltr
SPARK = 14 km/ltr
My 2 friends have Santro & Wagon R and I have travelled in both Cars and my experience with Spark is fantastic....

U can travel on Highways at 120 km/hr and car does not viabrate as other cars. AC is superb. Wagon R drivers say U cant take cars at high speeds 80 km/ hr Maximum.

Request U to talk to car drivers on Road for better feedback

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

I do not like to find people criticizing any one.
Your view is fine and all views are also fine as it is a personal choice.Seating at the back depends upon the person
physique,some are thin,and some are fat.If all fat people sit it will be difficult and in that Santro can take little edge.
Forget about 15mm and 20mm. People do not buy cars in mm.
Fuel consumption is a BOOK by itself and hence no one is the master in giving the fuel figures.Hence I would like people to give their suggestion and not throw mud on some one who gives the answer. You may not like my answer or some Expert answer,but you are not GOD to give your comments on others. Please RESPECT OTHERS for their knowledge.You may be GOOD in one area,and others are good in their area.GOOD Day and Hope you will take it in the right spirit from a SR CITIZEN Mr Sadanand. ( Beautiful Name).ALways ANAND ....

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

Santro Xing
I agree with mr. Rao and shivshankar. Santro has definately an edge over wagon R in terms of space. I have actually evaluated the same thing before finalizing santro. Spark and wagon R has alesser space compare to santro xing. I 10 is spacious compare to xing. In terms of power, comfort, driving pleaasure, reliability also santro is far better than wagon R and spark. Wagon R wobble at high speed. spark is also not bad on highwaays. for city traffic and family of 4, wagon R is ok. I would suggest if u want to choose betn,these 3,santro is the best car. But pls stretch ur budget by 15-20k u can buy I10.

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

Faramroze M Chyella
Spark turns first in terms of build quality, thats GM's assurance, just see the Opel Corsa, its body and quality, its one of the finest. Spark is a very refined small car. Other option is Santro. The ride quality and feeling of the wheel is amazing considering the cost. Minus others. I10 has a harder stiffer suspension.

Posted: 4664 day(s) ago

Sagar Ade
All three cars are good. You can buy with eyes closed. Request you t test drive All 3 cars in a single day. you can finalise yourself . No suggestions required.

Posted: 4663 day(s) ago

Its better that you go for FIAT PUNTO...it costs arround 4.3 lacs...it is much more comfortable than any other car in this range..and its much more spacious with a very good interior...Jus have a look...i am sure u ppl would really like it.

Posted: 4662 day(s) ago

Shivshankar and Sachin have thrown light on better side of SPARK.For last two years SPARK had aggressive pricing. As these three cars are in tough competition, call one bad and another fantastic may not be reasonable. Price/ performance ration with quality and maintenance factors should help making the decision. If GM offers the last years prices today, it will be still the best deal.

Posted: 4658 day(s) ago

Naman Gadhok
i think that u should buy santro instd of spark

Posted: 4646 day(s) ago

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