At present I am using Alto Lxi Doctor suggested me to go

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At present, I am using Alto Lxi. Doctor suggested me to go for a car with superior suspension / shock absorbers to avoid jerks while driving. Please suggest one within the price range of 5-6 lakhs.
  • 4333 day(s) ago by Ravi
Under: Maruti Alto #Cars
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B S Kumar
"Jerks" are not because of bad shock absorbers or suspension. Jerks are front to back and back to front motion, caused by bad driving or bad traffic conditions. If you are living in an area where roads are really bad, and you want to buy a car with better shock absorbers, you have to step up to a bigger car, where the space between the wheels is more as well. There is no small car, that is, in the same segment as the Alto Lxi, that will give you a significantly better suspension. You have many cars like the Logan in the price range you are looking for.

Most important for you to remember, you are moving up a segment, so no need to even look at small cars. Even a well maintained second hand car might work for you in which case, you can consider a Honda City, Baleno, Mitsubishi Lancer, Chevy Optra (superb suspension), Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Elantra, Maruti SX4, etc. A lot of choice, it just depends on what you feel good driving.

Posted: 4333 day(s) ago

You can modify seats and put some rubberised smooth cushions on the floor to decrease the jerk and vibration (my friends will agree?).Other wise go for a socond hand car like City or Optra in that price range.But Optra will give less mileage are more maintenance compare to City.

Posted: 4333 day(s) ago

You may opt for a Nissan TEANA, used one whuch will satisfy your requirements.

Posted: 4333 day(s) ago

hi,i can understand your problem and according to that i will suggest you togo for a second hand suv or a new xylo have to increase your budget slightly for a new can also buy a 2007 scorpio at your prive.byuing a suv will be better for you will provide you a comfortable drive.

Posted: 4332 day(s) ago

Dr Krishna
next calender year means minus 10 k in resale value

Posted: 4332 day(s) ago

I have innova in ur range, if interested thn call me at 9910405251..delhi

Posted: 4332 day(s) ago

Sagar Ade
Consider following cars which are designed with soft suspension.
2.Hyundai Verna punto.

you can choose after test drive. else drive ur Alto slowly you will get good comfort.

Posted: 4332 day(s) ago

Ranbir Singh
Wagon R
If you want to avoid jerks while driving, drive at 40-50 km. per hour. No need to change alto car.

Posted: 4331 day(s) ago

Dear SIR,

I had the same problem, back problem.
Alto is very low and gives lot of jerks espically when ac is on.Seating is not at comfortable.
Coming to the point, you can try santro or wagon-R.There seating is heigh and very comfortable for city drive.
I have kept your budget in my mind an expressed my view.Bye...

Posted: 4331 day(s) ago

Jerks are caused mainly due to not operating clutch properly.Hence by following good driving practice, jerks cab be avoided. As per doctors suggestion either you can improve the coushioning effect and alo maintain the car in perfect condition.

Posted: 4328 day(s) ago

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