i want 2 buy a used yezdi cl2 bike in running condition

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i want 2 buy a used yezdi cl2 bike in running condition. what would be the possible price? is it possible to renovate the bike with original classic and roadking parts? what is the seat height?
  • 2998 day(s) ago by Jyotisman
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now these type bikes r not have fix price , its now rare in sale so defend on condition rc book expence if tax pending s etc ,, but today market 25/30k is reasonable for good condition ..
bike can restore by old spare which can find at scrap market ..
no new all parts avails ..
if u want any help to get old spares of yezdi jawa feel free to call me 8122749008.. in chennai u can get every spare of above bikes .

Posted: 2998 day(s) ago

Best place to get a Yezdi is to contact a workshop in your area where Yezdi bikes are repaired.

Posted: 2997 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Unless you have a major emotional or sentimental reason to own this noisy, polluting, uncomfortable, stone age monster, you should try to avoid this bike. However, if you are a die hard fan, it is not impossible to find Yezdis you can easily fix and ride for between 2,500 and 10,000 rupees. It is as reliable as a crowbar, since it is such a basic design. Anything more than 10,000 is a criminal waste of money. Be prepared to lift the gear lever about waist high to engage first gear.

Posted: 2997 day(s) ago

I have a 250cc Jawa which was in running condition a few months back in PUNE . It is 1966 model with all original parts and I am the second owner.My son who is in USA,comes soemtimes and uses it in Pune for easy parking and good classic condition.If you are interested please let me know. MY cell is 098816 40705 or 020-25851784,
I am interested in selling both Jawa and also a classic
Vespa of still older model.Any one interested, please
let me know. I have also an Old Ambasssador running condtion Black car of 1966 model also for SALE.All Collectors item and want to dispose to good family who is intersted in taking care of old BEAUTIES and not Killing it..Bye,
Dr P C Rao,21 Cozy Retreat,SIndh Society,Aundh,PUNE

Posted: 2995 day(s) ago


Posted: 2994 day(s) ago

Ideal Jawa
My father has a yezdi with good working condition. He has bought a new bike and want to sell off this due to its heavy weight and low mileage. So,ce i if u r interested, u can contact my father @9449944158. Place is near Mangalore.Exp price is 10k, but negotiable.

Posted: 2994 day(s) ago

Najaf Ali Mirza
The best, correct and upto date answer you will get is to join jawa/yezdi owners club in India. Parts (new and used) are available in tons at Hyderabad. The price of CL-2 will totally depend upon its condition. A very well original CL2 can be bought for even 15-20 K. If you r interested in Roadking i have the best, the most original roadking available for sale in Hyderabad...my own bike. 9848593733 You can also contact at: najafalimirza@yahoo.co.in

Posted: 2985 day(s) ago

Ideal Jawa
I will say.. it's the best classic bike ever launched in India.. as the company caption says.. it's a "forever bike".. I have never owned any other bikes than yezdis and jawas.. and I own six of them. You may reach Mr. Moosa(a famous and trustworthy mechanic in bangalore) at 09342390354 if you would like to have a deal on one. Attached is the pic of my collection (none are for sale)

Posted: 2984 day(s) ago

Sajid Khan
i want to buy an yezdi..but in thr range of 7 to 8k.... it should be running condition..

Posted: 2948 day(s) ago

i have a yezdi classic .good condition but no documents..
very good condition..ready to sell at negotiate price..

Posted: 2669 day(s) ago

Nitesh Thakur
hey frnds i own a yezdi cl2 which is in a very good condition .it is 1988 model .if u wanna buy it mail me at nitesh106@yahoo.com.............it is brand new byk with all its orignal parts.....it trvls only 10,000 km after my father buy it......

Posted: 2625 day(s) ago

Vikash Singh
Hero Honda
hero honda passion plus or passion pro to buy.

Posted: 2500 day(s) ago

pls let me knw if any one ready to sale their yezdi bikes for less than 10000 rs .....any model....jus running condition is enough...pls contact...09994405527

Posted: 2448 day(s) ago

Dave Karnav
i want to buy a yezdi in a running condition in Gujarat Gandhinagar.
If anyone has it please contact me on 8000727038.
please let me know !! If u have Yezdi !

Posted: 2425 day(s) ago


I want to buy a Yezdi bike less than Rs 8000/- with all papers, Running condition, if any one intreted please call me on 9702826633 or email me on stanish.77@gmail.com

Posted: 2290 day(s) ago

Sanil Kumar P V
Maruti Suzuki
Wagon R
I has a YEZDI CL_II byke model 1986 and I like to sold this and the amount is RS- 105000/-. It is fully worked newly and full condition with nickling and painting . contact no is 09446242463 , 09567365123.......

Posted: 2251 day(s) ago

Snehal Nair
i am from gujarat gandhinagar and i hv 2 yezdi cl 2 in mint condition with 35 km. one is silver and black combination. the other one is desert mat and black combination. Expected price is 90000rs.

Posted: 2119 day(s) ago

Snehal Nair
I hv 2 yezdi cl 2 in mint condition. recently restored only 200km after restored. 90000 each. my num is 9879577432

Posted: 2119 day(s) ago

CONTACT 9871782395

Posted: 1979 day(s) ago

looking for a yezdi 250cc bike in Hyderabad around 15k with running condition and original docs
contact 8096871540 r v.or.bhaskar@gmail.com

Posted: 1972 day(s) ago

does any one can send a scan copy of yezdi classic 250 i bought it for 5K and with all repairs to bring it to a mint condition it took me 10k more for that .. please ..guys mail me at nu25@in.com .. ready to make deal for those papers]

Posted: 1960 day(s) ago

Bukhari Shams
i need a yezdi in a good running condition around 10k to 15 k depending upon the condition,
prefereble mumbai party with no paper issues, intrested people can call m 9821468406. mumbai.

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago


I have a Yezdi for sale - pl find the details - let me know if anyone is intrested.

YEZDI - 250 cc - Classic - 1982 - newly painted and plated - Single owner - All original parts - All papers clear - Thane registered - Price - Rs 60000 /- All the transfer formalities to be done by the buyer.
Contact - Amit : 09819477114

Posted: 1936 day(s) ago

I want YEZDI ROAD KING BYKE any model running condition price 10 -15 Thousand .Any body willing send photo byke image cont- 9842663410 - sgs8352@gmail.com

Posted: 1917 day(s) ago

I want to buy yezdi jawa 250 mint condition for around 15k respond as soon as possible my email I'd meruga.jedson@gmail.com

Posted: 1896 day(s) ago

I want to buy yezdi jawa in hyderabad which is the best place to get one those best ride

Posted: 1896 day(s) ago

yezdi classic road king type painted 1988 model mysore regd [CRM] fully powder coated black,full engine overhauled with original parts,yet to be reregistered nd insured.be free to negotiate my price is 42000 k.contact 09986470215 karwar.

Posted: 1881 day(s) ago

Jaffar Hussain
Hello Friends, this is jaffar from madurai, Pls let me know anyone having jawa or yezdi bikes for sale, I need to buy with proper documents and a resonable price. I will take care that bike good. mail me at jaffi30@yahoo.co.in

Posted: 1812 day(s) ago

Im looking for a yezdi roadking with clean papers, fully restored ...im frm chennai...pls contact me if any with a good price ...sai...9500540789

Posted: 1798 day(s) ago

i want to buy yezdi in good condition with all documents and papers ,of price 10,000 ph;no-7799556630

Posted: 1696 day(s) ago

hi friends iwant to buy yezdi of price 10,000 in good condition with all doucuments and papers im rohith from hyderabad ph;no-7799556630

Posted: 1696 day(s) ago

hi this is chandu i have yezdy Deluxe byke 250cc engine with SELF MOTOR at ballikurava mandal prakasam dt andhrapradesh just put up genuine and new items with 50,000 cost sell price is 70000/-only

Posted: 1659 day(s) ago

can anyone tell the seat height of yezdi roadking?

Posted: 1633 day(s) ago

Vinay Sehgal
i am looking for ignition switch for yezdi can anyone tellme where it is avialable and the contact number

Posted: 1577 day(s) ago

I have an Yezdi Classic (1981), a very neat bike for sale in Bangalore. Price Rs. 43K. Contact - 9663372448

Posted: 1532 day(s) ago

I have yezdi 250cc classic 2 ..
Real buyers only contact as the bike is in a super mint condition.

Posted: 1520 day(s) ago

I hv yezdi D classic in very good running condition since 1984
i want to sell it for 20000rs
i lv it 2 much bt i m unable to keep it so far
my contact no. is 7209085909
bhagalpur bihar

Posted: 1485 day(s) ago

Anyone near jharkhand .i wana buy yezdi maxium 5000rs..if u wish cntct me or text9006535862 if nt answrd..

Posted: 1484 day(s) ago

Manoj Kumar
Hi my name is manoj. . I'm looking for yezdi or jawa in a good condition with clear documents .. pls let me know if u have in a reasonable price ....

Posted: 1232 day(s) ago

Hi friends i want to buy one YEZDI in good condition....with clear papers... anyone interested to sell please contact me in my mail id deepanjay.rabha@gmaill.com

Posted: 1213 day(s) ago

Anyone to sell yezdi spare parts in Tambaram,Chennai

Posted: 1157 day(s) ago

I am looking for 250 CC JAWA Yezdi from gujarat or kerala registration if anybody wana sale it please send a mail to me on biju.aryankavil@gmail.com or call me to 9879103434

Posted: 1132 day(s) ago

Hi, I am looking for Good YEZDI / ZAWA in Hyderabad.

Posted: 1010 day(s) ago

Uday Singh
I am looking for Yezdi 250 classic if scrap it will do and cost should not be 4000 rs to 5000 rs. As I want the spare to restore my Yezdi of 1984 module. Contact no. is 8879995375

Posted: 967 day(s) ago

hey suys, am looking for for a good Yezdi. I can give around 15000. Anyone interested, just mail me hkrishnan@iiserb.ac.in or ring me on 07898683280

Posted: 958 day(s) ago

hey guys,am looking for yezdi classic 1984.i can pay around 20000.any one interested,mail me on stephensoori007@gmail.com.

Posted: 957 day(s) ago

hi i am pavan from hyderabad i want to buy yezdi or jawa in any condition in normal price if any one interested please call me 9966599523 or mail me pavanramavath@yahoo.in

Posted: 937 day(s) ago

hi i am pavan from hyderabad i want to buy yezdi or jawa in any condition in normal price if any one interested please call me 9966599523 or mail me pavanramavath@yahoo.in

Posted: 937 day(s) ago

Shailesh Nagarkar
I want to buy yezdi if any one want sell please call me 9890930148

Posted: 819 day(s) ago

i have a Jawa-250 classic model (Antic) and is in good running condition with milage of 25 but, stinks oil from engine in small extent ..just help me , any one from hydrabaad a good mechanics no as i had tired from oil stinking and also have to renovate like bullet plz call me at 9823960989 and ashu.chaware@gmail.com..........i love my Jawa-250 i will ride it till death and my son will ride it..............bike is forever............@@@

Posted: 798 day(s) ago

Raghvendra Singh Rajput
Hi I want to purchase a yezdi cl 2 in good running condition for rs 10000 - 15000 pls call me intrested seller on my mobile no
9691511958 Raghvendra singh rajput

Posted: 796 day(s) ago


Posted: 796 day(s) ago

Suhail Haneef
hai i want a yeZdi roadking or cl ii at working condition . there should be no engine complaint . expect price below 15000 rs . there is no demand on the look as i am already planning to customize it. so if anyone wants to sell their yezdi contact me (suhail)
my no= 9037381317. if you have pictures send it to my mail haneefsuhail@gmail.com

Posted: 780 day(s) ago

I want to buy a running condition yezdi cl or rk... 15000 ready cash and I will come to your place to pick up.... Anyone interested can whatsapp me 9567845153....thanks..

Posted: 771 day(s) ago

Guyz I need a YRK for 15k r less...look doesn't matter but a gud condition...Watsapp me if available (9597038905)

Posted: 737 day(s) ago

Guyz I need a Yezdi RK for 15k r less...looks doesn't matter but a gud condition...Watsapp me if available (9597038905)

Posted: 737 day(s) ago

Yezdi bike for sale in good running condition
In Hyderabad , jawa tank installed in it for extra look, good milage .my mob numb 9949367687.cont in what's up or call me for price.

Posted: 726 day(s) ago

I want to buy a running condition yezdi cl or rk... 15000 ready cash. Mail ID abhijeetkaranjkar@gmail.com

Posted: 687 day(s) ago

Srinivas Siddipet
Hi I want to buy old model Yezdi at Rs.40000 call me 9963423377

Posted: 686 day(s) ago

I would like to buy an Yezdi bike , probably the year 1994-1995 lot,working condition one .Please tell me the offer price too if someone has it!Thanks..


Posted: 667 day(s) ago

My cell 9480130337 for Yezdi

Posted: 667 day(s) ago

i want yezdi 250 classic bike in pune (7709963196)

Posted: 660 day(s) ago

i will buy yezdi without documents if you have then call me 7083654788

Posted: 628 day(s) ago

i want rd 350 without documents in cheap rate i will buy

Posted: 628 day(s) ago

I want yezdi roadking bike book, or another jawa bike wanted watsup number 0096898323851

Posted: 558 day(s) ago

Saavn Chaudhary
i need a yazdi roadking model my contact nbr 9812930010

Posted: 485 day(s) ago

Hy guys I need Yezdi r jawa in any conditions my budget is 20k I'm from Chennai can any help me to get it my number 9884207009

Posted: 447 day(s) ago

Ajay Bhaskar
Anyone needs old bikes like jawa,yezdi,rajdoot and bullets then contact me in this no-7009511882 or 7504051511

Posted: 442 day(s) ago

I want to buy yezdi or jawa in 15- 20k not more than that contact my no - 9866160630

Posted: 404 day(s) ago

I want YEZDI roadking bike ANY MODEL,PRICE between 15k to 20k. Please do contact 9884044547

Posted: 402 day(s) ago


i want to buy yezdi Classic 250in good condition with all documents and papers ,of price 10,000 to 20,000 ph;no-9689977177

Posted: 398 day(s) ago

Sunny Padhye
Hii i want to buy yezdi 250 classic in 15000 to 20000 any one to sell plzz call mi 9075767658 in pune

Posted: 371 day(s) ago

Hi I want yezdi any model my number s 9551943122 I want tamilnadu registration

Posted: 333 day(s) ago

Prem Sai
Hi I want yezdi bike for 6000 without papers

Posted: 107 day(s) ago

Rajesh Royal
yezdi d250 cl2 mint conditin and iam spend money for painting and engine work 45000 but i stollen my rc if anybody intrested call me 9985444185 final 60000 with another c book avlb

Posted: 103 day(s) ago

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