I want to know the differene between MACHISMO 500CC

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I want to know the differene between MACHISMO 500CC & MACHISMO 350CC & also the milage too.
  • 4856 day(s) ago by Agit Sebastian
Under: Royal Enfield Machismo #Cars
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Royal Enfield
The new Machismo 350 & 500 has no difference other than just the displacement.
i.e. 350 has a ~350cc displacement & 500 has a ~500cc displacement
Ofcourse the price is accordingly.

The real difference lies between the Machismo's and other Cast Iron Enfield's like the traditional 350 or the Electra's.

They have a Cast Iron engine where as the Machismo's have an alloy based engine

Posted: 4855 day(s) ago

The design an style of both are simillar and difference exists in capacity of engine and power output.

Posted: 4855 day(s) ago

Royal Enfield
machismo 500 drank 33kmpl and costed me 1.07 somethin an year bak
need lot of elbow grease to keep new
i dunno about the 350 machismo never had one
looks almost identical

Posted: 4855 day(s) ago

There are many differences between the two aside from the engine capacity of course. Which means the 500 cc model offers higher power and torque compared to the 350 cc model.

1. The 500 cc Machismo has been discontinued. It's been replaced with the Classic.

2. The 500 cc Machismo was an export model. Which means it was built better. It had foot pegs and brake / clutch hand levers built out of different material. It didn't have the oil leak problems that the 350 cc model suffers from.

3. I had owned both and I used to get almost 40 kmpl on both. Give or take a few.

4. The 500 cc variant has less vibrations, has a far better pick-up and a top speed of 125 kmph. The 350 cc model tops at 115 kmph.

The other differences have been outlined in other posts above.


Posted: 4854 day(s) ago

Utpal Singh
Royal Enfield
Except the engine capacity, I mean the Machismo 500 cc LB model offers higher power and torque compared to the Machismo 350 cc model.

if u need a high performence power (instent pickup) than go to Machismo 500 LB (Top speed : 133 KM and fuel effecincy is 33.8 KM per ltr) and in 350 the top speed is low but instent pickup is there, it will give 45 KMPL (Top speed : 113.6)

Note : Now the both model stopped and converted to Classic 350 and 500 (not in AVL engine)both are based on EFI system (without carburator)

Posted: 4854 day(s) ago

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