I have Mitsubishi Cedia and wants to increase it power

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I have Mitsubishi Cedia and wants to increase it power. currently it is 115BHP and 175NM torque. i need atleast 185BHP with 220NM of torque is it possible by installing turbo charger. if yes what will be the cost and what should be the another changes to be make to do this.the rear seat is not very comfortable can i install any other seat like Honda city or Indigo or other with good theigh support and width support.
  • 3483 day(s) ago by Alok Shanker
Under: Mitsubishi Cedia #Cars
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Its not possible to increase power of Cedia from 115 to 185 BHP for the same capacity engine.Though the dimensions of rear seat can not be changed, the comfort level can be increased with use of good quality upholstery.Any car accessories dealer should be able to modify the seats as required.

Posted: 3483 day(s) ago

Hi Alok,

You obviously cannot get such a substantial jump in power from the same powerplant, however there are few modifications you can make to the engine that will enhance the power by a few notches. The modifications can be as follows:

1. Changing the manifold and installing a free flow exhaust system - Approx 12k
2. Installing a K&N air filter with turbo suction - Approx 8k
3. ECU remapping - Approx 20k
4. Installing a turbo system - Approx 50k

While the first 2 are easily reversible procedures, the last 2 are more complicated.

Posted: 3483 day(s) ago

Prashanth S
You can contact FRK Racing, Whitefield, Bangalore... He's the best modifier in town and would suggest you what needs to be done & what not to increase the performance of your car.. Fazal Khan - 9845013130

Posted: 3482 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Without altering the engine capacity, it is INDEED possible to get higher power output, but the modifications you will need to undertake are substantial. You cannot get all the answers in one simple response here, and you will have to do extensive research and legwork. Good luck.

Posted: 3482 day(s) ago

Thanks for comments of BS Kumar and Shiv.
Good answers.People should understand,that it is not going to market and buying Brinjals.
Increase in Power is a RD job and unless it is done by Manufacturers of that Engine,it is not done properly by others.It will be better to study whether Cedia Engine can be turbocharged and how much will the increase be as per OEMs data.Contact CEDIA manuafactures or Engg Dept and I doubt they will answer to such individual questions.
If there is already a similar CEdia engine with turbo, and if the part number of The Block and Cylinder head are the same with both the models of Engine, you can do it.
Dr P C Rao, Pune ,

Posted: 3481 day(s) ago

I cannot believe how retarded the answers to this question are! yes of course it is possible to increase the power just fit a boost/fuelling computer and wind the boost up! if this is too heavy for you then fit a decent sized front mounted intercooler with good alloy piping, cold airbox with K&N filter and a 3" exhaust from turbo back. you people need to get a life and learn something about modifying engines before you reply with useless information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 2445 day(s) ago

All of you are pure idiots here except for Mr. someonewithaclue.

Posted: 1225 day(s) ago

Sooraj Vijayan
Can be done if done properly changing the intake and exhaust manifold and upgrading ur sparkplugs for higher heat resistance and of course adding a turbo

Posted: 564 day(s) ago

May this is a too late for a reply but cedia can have a turbo but you will have issues with the oiling Its a great car unless you fiddle with the engine

Posted: 96 day(s) ago

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