whether i10 automatic transmission can be retrofitted with

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whether i10 automatic transmission can be retrofitted with LPG/CNG?
  • 4607 day(s) ago by Shankar
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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It can be fitted with LPG/CNG. But recommended not to go for the same as it can reduce engine life in long run.

Posted: 4606 day(s) ago

Hah..what a funny reply Mr. expert,did not expect this from you sir..CNG is a fuel which has an octane rating of 120 as compared to petrol sold in india which has an octane rating of about 90-92.Hence using cng will only enhance your engine as your engine runs much smoother and cleaner.Hence Mr. Shanker you can safely go in for a chg conversion in ur i10 and enjoy a smooth,trouble free,economical run while feeling good about making your small contribution towards a greener planet since it is common knowledge that cng is a cleaner fuel..

Posted: 4606 day(s) ago

i agree with rohit.... but rohit higher octane number dosent means that fuel is good as compare with one which have lower octane no. fuel is good when it have anti knocking quality in petrol engine...and for CNG i would say that its the clean gas which do not produce green house gas...also CNG requires more space than petrol...Thanks

Posted: 4606 day(s) ago

Santro Xing
Yeah, i10 Automatic can be fitted with CNG. However this vehicle is available in automatic transmission with Kappa Engine. And Company doesnt do CNG fitting for this.

If you plan to get CNG fitted from outside, then be prepared with loss of warranty (if vehicle is in warranty)

Posted: 4605 day(s) ago

Thanks Naresh for supporting my argument..but i would still say that a higher octane rating means a better fuel,and about the anti-knocking quality,a fuel is anti-knocking if it has a lower lead content and this is the only criteria for knocking.

Posted: 4605 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
NO problems running your car on LPG or CNG. Both are clean fuels and your engine will run smooth and not be affected adversely in any way, in the short or long run. Nothing to worry about on that count. Some good after market fitters do a very good job of installing your gas kit, so choose one with care and you will be fine. The knocking issue is not something you should pay attention to, but if you need to know, lead was used as an anti knocking agent in the past, but almost all over the world, we have switched to lead free petrol. Diesel never had any lead to start with. Lead is by no means any "criterion" for knocking. If you want to hear your engine knock, try running it lean in a higher gear, going uphill!

Posted: 4604 day(s) ago

cng RETROfitting lowers your fuel costs drastically. But get into it with full awareness. Your car may not remain as reliable as on petrol. It would mean certain parts like - plugs , HT leads , air filter , HT ( ignition ) coil, IAC valve and even the O2 sensor have drastically reduced service life. And these may be neede to be replaced or serviced more often. Also if the vehicle is not driven on petrol every now and then , you would have problems of fuel delivery system - like injectors clogging , fuel pump motor failure etc. And the worse case scenario, your inlet and exhaust valves seats may recede due to additional heat of combustion and dry nature of fuel. The clean burning of fuel means quick nitration of the engine oil and low carbon byproduct on combustion may lead to reduced lubrication of exhaust valves. All in all , forget about fill it and drive nature of petrol as fuel. If you retrofit you have to care for your car a lot more than diesel and petrol. And no matter who tells you that its clean burning fuel so increased oil drain interval , please drain it at about 5000km even if your petrol car drain interval is 10000km. Your engine oil is just not made to handle the additional heat. And in india you do not get high grade oils ( SJ/SL/SM ) with SLIGHTLY higher ash content and detergents to defer nitration.
Also the increased spark timing ( reduced spark plug gap)
is not good for running the vehicle efficiently on petrol also. The electrodes burn quickly , gap may increase leading to misfires which may even burn inlet manifold plastic parts, air filter etc.
disclosure- Owned 2 vehicles retrofitted - accent with LPG , Logan 1.6 WITH cng.
recommend CNG - yes. its the need of the hour.
Caution - understand the nature of the beast before jumping into the ring with it.

Posted: 4027 day(s) ago

i have i10 lpg varient i want to change in to cng is it possible or not , if it is possible please explain how it is

Posted: 2823 day(s) ago

i have GRAND i10 of manual and iwant convert into auto gear is it possible

Posted: 2531 day(s) ago

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