I believe in the global warming situation and would like to

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I believe in the global warming situation and would like to do my part to help where ever I can. I would like to know if it helps to start and stop the engine of my car at stop lights and if it is harmful to the engine. I live in Mumbai and am in the traffic most of the time.
  • 4123 day(s) ago by Pushpak Desai
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You are doing a great job . We need people with similar awareness to reduce pollusion effects.

Posted: 4122 day(s) ago

yes, I would like to know that too.

Posted: 4122 day(s) ago

You can STOP the engine revving and polluting the atmosphere at any traffic signals. You are doing a great job in reducing the Climatic affects.
Technically speaking there is NO HARM, only your Bills for repair will go up as often cranking the vehicle, the Starter motor,and flywheel ring gear teeth will get worn out a bit faster if you allow the engine to stop and start.
Further the Battery also will be slightly affected but not much so that the life of the battery will come down a bit,and lastly your AC will not run,and you have to open your windows,and take POLLUTED AIR,which is Maximum at the Traffic signals, because all your other friends will be idling the engine, and especially your Two wheelers,which is the worst polluter.
And one more there will be no battery charging when you shut off the engine,and hence your normal battery charging will be affected as often cranking at all traffic signals, will put the Battery into lot of stress and if it is a bit old,it may konk off.
In Hybrid cars,it automatically stops,as the engine is not used,but the electric system automatically cuts off the power to the ELectric Motor which is available at the WHEELS.So in one way it will be better,but in another way,it will not be good for your electrical system more in particular.
This may be higly technical to you to understand, and I hope if it is for short time, LET THE ENGINE RUN, but if it takes more than 2 Minutes, it will be better to stop the engine,as fuel can be saved at the cost of Sweating inside the compartment.
Dr P C Rao, Consultant, Pune 13 Nov 09

Posted: 4122 day(s) ago

Jahangir Yar Khan
yes, any stop mor ethan two minutes is worth switching the engine off. The cranking ( Starting)of the engine several times a day would affect the car battery a bit...but you may be satisfied that you have done your bit to reduce teh pollution at street level.

Jahangir Yar Khan
Member - National Executive Council & Founder member- Indian Green Building Council.

Posted: 4122 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Your concern is great, and cheers to the moves you are making, but ships (many burn crude oil in international waters) and buildings (a/c, heating and other inefficiencies) are much greater contributors to global warming. India as a whole is a very small percentage contributor to carbon emissions in any case. Extend your thinking to the times when you are NOT in your car, for example, with the air conditioning you could possibly set at a slightly higher temperature.

Posted: 4121 day(s) ago

Yes u r doing great job !we all should think same.
clean india,green india !

Posted: 4121 day(s) ago

Himanshu Sharma
That's great step. I aggry with all. Stop the engine when on lights for more than 1 min. also try to drive at a speed between 40-60 kmph. This will not only serve the nature but also ur pocket. try to avoid congested routes if possible as frequent braking and clutching reduces engine life and performance along with increase in fuel consumption.


Posted: 4121 day(s) ago

Pushpak Desai
Thank you all for your responses and encouragement. I am with the group of people that believe that the environment is deteriorating at a very rapid speed due to our human contribution and nothing we can do is going to be adequate to reverse the inevitable. All we can do is try to prolong it by taking any and all steps where ever we can, from the way we drive the car to simply taking shorter showers or not using additional dishes during meals!

I think there is a requirement to think at both the macro and the micro level to address the issue correctly. For example, I would rather drive the car more rationally (at optimum speeds and RPMs) rather than start/stop the car at stop lights, IF, by stopping/starting the car is going to get me to go for replacement parts, that ultimately contribute to global warming again.

After all, we are currently paying a very small price compared to what our future generations will be paying on our account!

Posted: 4121 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu

Even i too do the same thing with my both 4 wheeler as well as 2 wheeler, i switch off my engine only if the singal left out time is more than 40Sec, most of the time it will be more than 90 Secs, so i do it on regular basis.

TO avoid the battery wear & tear, dont keep the lights, AC Blowers on when u r switching off ur vehicle in the signal....

Even on Steppy roads, where accelerator is not reqd, i switch off the engine of my 2 wheeler, for 4 wheeler, i put it in neutral & let it run.

I have studied my daily routes, hence i can manage access acceleration in control wherever turns, humps & signals are applicable & it helped me in some sort of saving money...& hope it will help reducing little bit global warming too...

If possible, i try to run vehicle with open windows atleast during night time & wheneevr applicable, during rain, i use it continuously on fresh air with some temp. maintained...

Also regular tire air pressure check up will also reduce the pollution which occurs due to tire frictions.

Cleaning Air filters on regular basis keeps my car good as well as it gives good milage too..

Once in a month i get my both the vehicles checked from the mechanics.....

Posted: 4120 day(s) ago

Hi All,

For doing good thing we need to take an risk its the reality.
So try to save the envirnoment for the next generation.
I am alway doing the same and many thing can be done 1.By car sharing and many more.

thank for the question and the answer were also.

Lets all put our hands to gether to save world.

Posted: 4118 day(s) ago

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