I am not an expert about cars but friends I had taken a

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I am not an expert about cars, but friends I had taken a test drive of Punto grand diesel recently the quality of interior & exterior is extraordinary but was not satisfied with the pick up of the car as compared to Swift. The dealer told me that after first service it will improve, if the Fiat is supplying the diesel engines to Maruti then why there is vast difference in Pickup. Should I believe the dealer who told me that it will get improve after first service? Please advice me about this issue.
  • 4615 day(s) ago by Nikhil
Under: Fiat Punto #Cars
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Generally the performance of engine improves after usage of 1000 or 2000 KM as the engine gets set.Fiat Grande Punto is a good choice and recommended to test drive personaly.

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

its true that swift deliver a better pick up. You just take a t.drive in Tata's Vista - thats far better than punto. But all these depends upon the Power to weight ratio of the car. In that way punto offers a better drive comfort than any of the above said models. ALL THE SAID THREE CARS RUNS ON THE FIATS MULTIJET ENGINE- BUT ONLY PUNTO IS BUILT FOR THE PARTICULAR ENGINE ONLY. ALL OTHERS DOS'T HAVE THAT MUCH WEIGHT AND CONTROL WHICH IN TURN REFLECTS IN A BOLD DRIVE , AND TO SOME EXTEND HATS OFF TO TATA - THEY TOO DOING MAGIC WITH VISTA.

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

Dude You Forget About The Pickup!!!! Any Way's Your Are Not Taking PUNTO For A Race.... But It is 10 Times Beter Than A Swift Diesel.. Quality In A Swift Is Really Bad.. Rattling Sound, Bad Brakes, Poor Quality Clutch, Avg Suspension, Poor Quality Plastics. If You Ask Me Do Not Compramise For A Swift. Go For A Punto Diesel IT's Always A Better Choice. Do Not Waste Your Harden Money!!!!!!

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

With the latest technology, you don't need 1000 - 2000 kms for the engine to get set. Punto does suffer from a slow pick-up, don't believe what these car dealers say. They just want to close the deal and make their buck. Other than that, the Punto is a rock solid car, go for it. Its far better than a Swift. Happy motoring!

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

the car is slow in the 2nd gear, once u go on the 3rd and above, the beasts raises from the inside, any way in this bumper to bumper traffic, u dont need tat great intial pickup, (Just compromizing cos i bought one)alltogether a great car with amazing features,

And plz dont compare this with Swift...

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

There are 2 modes to configure Fiat's diesel engine i.e. TURBO and LINEAR.

Swift is using TURBO acceleration where as Fial Linea and Punto are using LINEAR acceleration mode.

Its a tradeoff between Fuel Efficiancy Vs Performance.

So after first service your average may improve but the pickup will remain the same.


Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

Arshad Asharaf
hey i am having indigo cs petrol i bought frm RF but deir service is not good that much frm maruti serivices.you told about swift u wont get swift power in tata cars.so u prefer swift diesel ,its having more power dan punto.if i am telling abt linea its lenght is more than innova car and having more facilities in that car .so jus think and do ...jus go near ur service centre and collect information abt linea and swift

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

The Grande Punto weighs 150 kgs more than the Swift, so it is natural that GP has a lower pick-up. I have a petrol version, and I can vouch for it that the pick up picks up (sic) after the first 800-1,000 kms. It still won't have has great pick up as a Swift does though.

I agree with the folks above that Swift will start rattles etc. after a while. That said, one thing you will need to get used to in the GP is the engine sound, it is a LOT different from Suzuki, Hyundai etc. Even at lower speeds, you will often hear the beast rumbling (and we're not really used to hearing engine noise at low speeds in our Suzukis). If you decide to go with the GP, make sure you keep it below 70kmhr for the first 1000 kms or so. The engine noise reduces after some time.

Take the test drive and decide which one you wanna go with!

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

I feel opting for Punto is a good decision.
Why go for a car (swift) with quality of components used being not upto the mark.
Fiat is in all aspects a very good car maker, and punto, more particularly is a very good and solid car.
Go get it.

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

Swift Dzire
Its because of the difference in weights of the car....
swift is not that well built and weighs around only 1000kg...
whereas punto is a very well built car.. its 200kg heavier than swift...
both cars are awesome to drive.... but swifts pick up is better because of its light weight...

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

This is Rajesh im working in Audi dealer working as a technician as my experience vehicle pickup will not improve after run sum kms this is not true before buying the vehicle u should think, as my subjection better u go for maruthi swift.

Posted: 4614 day(s) ago

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