I have SANTRO GLS 2009 model Now Iam planning to put gas

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I have SANTRO GLS 2009 model.Now Iam planning to put gas kit.What will be the cost for the same.


  • 4138 day(s) ago by Raj
Under: Hyundai Santro #Cars
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Sagar Ade
After market gas kit will cost around 22000. Pl. note that this kit requires continuous adjustments. you will suffer rough idle, hesitation problems.
Hyundai original kit which comes in ECO model is an advanced computer controlled stuff and will be trouble free.
I wll suggest not to put gas kit in SANTRO GLS. you have already spend 3.75 lakhs. why worring about running cost of petrol. Pl. note that you can drive almost 10000 kms in cost of a GAS kit. the payback period for gas kit is more.

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

LPG kit installation will cost around 18k. However its not recommended to go for the sme as the vehicle is still new and can give good mileage of around 17KMPL on average.

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

Hello raj

Gas kit installed will cost lumsum 16K to 19k. But i am not Suggested to go for the same as the vehicle is still new. wait for some time

Posted: 4137 day(s) ago

Pl do not go for gas kit.You have a new car, which should be giving you good average in running and the car is trouble free. Why do you want to complicate your work by going in for a retrofit Gas kit and get into various problems which car users face if it is not originally fitted by Hyundai.
My advice-Forget getting a Gas kit fitted.

Posted: 4137 day(s) ago

hi......raj....congrats.....4r ur new car....iam suggest u pls santro is a good mileage car ...why r u installing this kit .......pls wait 6-10 months after install this kit .....18-20k kit

Posted: 4134 day(s) ago

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