I have Hyundai Getz Prime GLS 1 3 Though I am satisfied

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I have Hyundai Getz Prime GLS 1.3. Though, I am satisfied with it in general, I find that the car struggles on inclines in ghat sections with AC on and you have to shift to lower gears. Many times overtaking becomes difficult and difficult to judge. I also have Wagon R LX which despite having low engine volume 1.1 lit and lower BHP and Torque does not have any issues on inclines!!! Any reason for this issue with Getz?
  • 4139 day(s) ago by Vidyadhar
Under: Hyundai Getz #Cars
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I too have the same issue with the I10 Era...Even a Indica diesel gets past very easily..May be attributed to the 12 valves of gets compared to the 16 of the wagonr..2 Inlet and 1 outlet port of the Getz..

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

Thanks, Nitin. I got the answer. That may be the reason Marutis are swifter than Hyundais!! If so one should think twice before considering Getz as upgrade from Wagon R!!! Anyway, Getz Prime is probably no longer in production now and I shall take very next opportunity to switch back to Maruti- may be new SX4 or even DZire though otherwise I am not unhappy about the car.

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
In order to climb inclines easily, or not be affected much by the A/C., engines don't need power as much as they need torque. Diesel engines have much higher torque and that is why the Indica probably doesn't worry too much about climbing inclines or about running the A/C all the time. The Wagon R engine breathes much better due to the added valve, but it might also produce greater mid range torque, which is the reason the Getz is weak in comparison.

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

The A/C fitted in Getz are power full. You can feel the coolness in some seconds. I am keeping Getz in diesel. I shall not feel any differences in riding either with a/c or with out a/c. My car engine is as in the same in Verna cars (1.5 diesel) After 2nd service, now I am getting 20 kms/litre. I am very much satisfied with my Getz.

Posted: 4138 day(s) ago

The Hyundai getz has more power and torque than Torque.The reason for lower performance in incline may the valve arrangement which is better in Wagon R and helps for faster acceleration too.The point also to be considered is the number of passengers traveling during the drive which ads to weight of the car. Also Getz has better dynamics than Wagon R.

Posted: 4137 day(s) ago

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