Hi I own an ALTO Lxi and I am very comfortable with it

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I own an ALTO Lxi, and I am very comfortable with it. I need to increase its performance levels to avoid huge drop of power whilst switching A/c. Can anyone suggest what changes I have to do with the vehicle to improve its pick-up and highway riding comfort..
  • 3524 day(s) ago by M Ravishankar
Under: Maruti Alto #Cars
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The best method of improving performance is to maintain the car well also using synthetic engine oil, additives for petrol would improve the performance by little margine.

Posted: 3524 day(s) ago

The Power of the engine may deteriorate due to many factors.
You will have to take it to dealer point and find out the reasons. May be Air conditioner may take more power due to some parts not properly maintained. If you feel the power is there before you switched ON the AC, then you have to check AC operation for heavy load.
Most cars are not having that reserve power for acceleration and peppy drive. You may have to go for another car where there are options for high speed driving.
In India you may not have the choice but to go for a high powered vehicle and thereby your fuel average will suffer.
You cannot get good mileage as they advertise like ARAI tested and then want a car that will accelerate well and when you put the AC ON there may be drop.

Posted: 3523 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu

Including all above points, just check out KNM High Performance Air Filters which will improve the performance of the engine & the same u can feel with immediate effect. 3M has both Petrol as well as Engine Oil aditives at the range of 350 to 400 per top up.

Also try Shell Unleaded Super petrol which is very good effecient as well as improves the power too.

Also just check out with some tire experts & get the low friction tubeless tires with light weight Alloy Wheels........

Also now a days people are filling Nitrogen Gas in the tires instead of normal air , the advantage is the pressure drop wont occurs for a longer time also need not to de pressurize while going for long drive too.....


Posted: 3523 day(s) ago

I own the Alto Lxi too..
Not much u can do for the loss in power with the aircon as its only a 800cc engine so not much to spare for the AC
Its mainly a city car and you start to feel cramped and its not too much of a pleasure on the Highway
Although its the most ideal car in the city. It is peppy and small enough to squeze into small gaps.

Posted: 3523 day(s) ago

Priyanshu Jain
I suggest you if you want high pick up you can drive in powerband i.e in high rpm 1st gear-1-20km/h
2nd gear-20-40km/h
3rd gear-40-60km/h
4th gear-60-70km/h
5th gear-90km/h

Posted: 606 day(s) ago

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