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Hello All,
This is my second question on cartrade.com. I came to realize that how this advises valuable. As per the suggestions I got from here, I bought a used Hyundai Accent CRDi and I am rocking on that. I love my car. I feel a lack ground clearance since I am using SUV/MUV in my job place.My doubts are
1.Is that possible to increase the ground clearance by replacing to big rims?
2.I want change all 4 wheels to Alloy and Tubeless tires. What will be the changes in performance, ie., mileage, pickup, road grip, acceleration etc.
3. What will be the cost for 4 Alloy wheels and 4 Tubeless tires? Can I have some information on where I can buy those? I know you guys are really helpful. I am expecting your support.
Regards and Thanks,
  • 4151 day(s) ago by Abhilash
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The ground clearence are designed for the best dynamic balance of car.Ground clearence matters a lot during driving of the car at high speeds.Increasing ground clearence can lead to imbalance due to lift caused at high speed driving. Hence recommended not to worry about increasing ground clearence. However By fitting higher sized rims height also varies by little margine but we have to ensure correct size of tyre so as to fit exactly in the space provided.Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres can cost around 25 to 30K for whole set.

Posted: 4151 day(s) ago

Please don't spoil the car man.

Accent is meant for people who just love cars. I understand your problem, even I faced a similar problem initially for a month but then I got used to it.

So, my recommendation. NOOOOOOO

Posted: 4150 day(s) ago

Going for alloy wheels and tubeless tyres is a good option and it would certainly improve ride quality there wont be or negligible improvement in mileage.

Posted: 4149 day(s) ago

Navdeep Dhindsa
Look Man Ground clearance can be increased with help of new wheels and alloys but there is a limitation to it . You can uplift your car chaise for bigger wheels but you cant help it when it start touching your shockers.
Changing alloys and wheels will directly affect your mileage. Approximately 2 Kms for every 2 inch increase. The major effect which will disturb you will be the axle. Its boot will start making noise soon and they will need more frequent greasing.
You can get both nickle and chrome plated alloys starting from about 2500 per piece and tyres approximately 3000 per piece for good one .
i love accent but its axle bothers me the most ..... otherwise I love it

Posted: 4145 day(s) ago

Hey Navdeep,
Thank you for your reply. Let me confirm this.
This condition is applicable to changing to bigger alloys and tires and NOT applicable to changing standard rim (13") to Alloy wheels and Tubeless tires of the same size (13")
The reason why I am think about to increase the ground clearance is while passing bigger speed breakers on the road with 5 people, sometimes I could hear a sound that scratching the under of the vehicle (may be axle or chassis or something like that). Even if I am going for higher rims, and it will make same situation, then I will be happy with standard alloy for losing nothing. Please advise.
Regards and Thanks,

Posted: 4144 day(s) ago

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