Can you please clear some of my concepts related with

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Can you please clear some of my concepts related with few
techical questions What actually means by turbo charger vehicle and
where do actually turbo vehicle comes into play? How is it related
with engine power(hp) is it differnet from the engine power when a
vehicle is used to drive in remote and rural areas and is useful while
on rough road? Please let me guide as I want to buy this TATA sierra
to drive it mostly in remote and rural areas,not that much rough road
yet. Is TATA sierra in standard mode is good with enough power to
drive on rural roads and uphills roads or Do i need turbo mode. Turbo
vehicles are costly, can a standard mode vehicle be converted to turbo
mode later Secondly, please let me know are the spare parts or
servicing is available for TATA Sierra? I love this vehicle and want
to know by what reasons TATA has stopped the production of this
awesome SUV vehicle. Hope you will assist me yours best.

  • 4915 day(s) ago by Permender
Under: Tata Sierra #Cars
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Sierra is a good option if you like that vehicle, precicely if you can love it. Go for a turbo, which gives more milage and power, bu fitting turbo on a non-turbo model will expensive and uneconomical, and it wont wort you once if yuo want sell your sierra. Try get one of 2000 or above model which is in a well maintained contition. M
One point to add. Once you buy one, never compromise on regular services, else you may be forced to divorce you lover.

A little salt. Following Links may help you to get a picture about Sierra

Posted: 4915 day(s) ago

Hi Parmender,Sierra is very good SUV, I like it, Turbo and non turbo i feel turbo is better.In normal terms turbo means more pickup and more milege. but i think it dosen't make much difference, Its 1948cc Engine huge power. It gives 11-12kmpl. and can go up to 120kmph on good highway road. but have a through check before u purchase with the mechanic, make sure that engine is in good condition.
Serivcing can be done at any Tata service centers, most of the parts are available as it is common to sumo's parts. one suggestion please purchase only if you get a good one do not compromise other wise you will have to spend huge amount on that, u will really enjoy it, its fun to drive. All the best. and before purchasing ask the owner where he use to buy spares and service it will be useful to u.

Posted: 4914 day(s) ago

Hello There! Thank you so much for your assistance regarding buying a used TATA Sierra and to clear technical concepts related with it. Could you please let me know can i buy a used Sierra in Turbo mode under 1Lakh below 2000 model, but must be in good condition, Used sierra models onward from 2000 are costly which are more than 2.5Lakh and my budget doesn't allow me more than 1Lakh to buy this awesome vehicle.

Secondly, i have tried a lot to search for a Sierra in turbo mode here at my end in North India (Delhi,Chandigarh), but didn't get anyone how has in turbo mode. And mostly found it in the South India. Could you please let me know the deal in the North India from where i can buy a used TATA Sierra (Turbo)under 1Lakh and where Cartrade's personals can do car's physical valuations easily in order to help me to buy a good sierra. Hope you will assist me yours best.


Posted: 4914 day(s) ago

Turbo charger helps to induce swirl and hence ensures better combustion. The normal one is also good but turbocharged one is more efficient.Availability of sparesis not a problem with sierra.

Posted: 4913 day(s) ago

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