I need a bike Which 1 is better PULSER 180 APACHE 180

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I need a bike.
Which 1 is better.
PULSER-180 , APACHE-180 , OR FZ-16
Any new bike is coming under Rs.70,000 with in 2-3 months.
when new HONDA UNICORN & NEW HERO HONDA 150cc bike will launch.
  • 4743 day(s) ago by PRASHANT LAKRA
Under: Bajaj Pulsar #Bikes
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In the range mentioned,Bajaj 180 CC would be the best choice.

Posted: 4743 day(s) ago

Hi Prashant
RTR180 is a powerful bike. I would luv to go for it for the sheer performance. Though its negatives are small pillon seat and vibrations which can be overlooked.
Bajaj 180 is also a good bike but there is still scope for improvement. AFter sales service of bajaj is better than TVS. Also Bajaj 180 is more value for money.

My personal choice is RTR180. Check the after sales service in you area.

Posted: 4742 day(s) ago

Udhaya Shankar
Hi Prashanth,
looking into your quest, I would definitely suggest a pulsar 180. But take into consideration your height, and physique. In my view, Pulsar 180 requires a better physique, whereas RTR180 gives a sporting athelete look for slimmer shoerter guys. both are unique in their technos and just check for service support in your locality. also I suggest that you try Karizma and CBZxtreme. they are good and CBZ costs less than 70K.

Posted: 4742 day(s) ago

Surely go for pulsar 180 because it not only got style it has power better handling. The new pulsar 180 ug 4 has also got wide tires as well as two piece handle bar as well as everybody knows that pulsar is immortal.Ithas a resale value also so go for it u wont feel regret.

Posted: 4742 day(s) ago

Reetabrata Bhattacharya
Hi Prashant. In my opinion, TVS Apache 180 would be a great choice as it is a complete performer with a top whack of 126 km/h. Pulsar 180 is good but the TVS 180 beats it in terms of performance. FZ 16 is an underpowered bike in my opinion and doesn't even fall in the category of the 2 above mentioned bikes. Ride Safe.

Posted: 4717 day(s) ago

Dude go for apache 180 ! U knw its hving split handles! And a flawless power! Which pulsar 180 does not hv! I rate it 910!
Yaar jus go for it!

Posted: 4682 day(s) ago

Zubair Sharieff
This pulsar 180 ug4 is the best upgrade in pulsar upgrades. This was possible as we know bajaj is now sharing bussiness with ktm. I am a person who never put my hard earned money on anything before i have surveyed extensively. My requirements are simple and straight, I wanted muscular looks, top end speed of 120kmph, decent milage. I wanted the bike for daily commute and for performance I will be picking up 400 honda or yamaha in 2013. I had short listed rtr 180 and pulsar 180. both the bike are almost on par with each other, rtr has few plus points over pulsar and pulsar has few plus points over rtr. As rtr is 10 kgs less in weight and 1 nm more torque it is quicker than pulsar. Pulsar on the other hand is rock solid no discomfort even at 120kmph +. Rtr has vibration issue and further more looks small even though houses powerful engine. Rtr is 3kmph faster than pulsar and 5 kmpl less milage than pulsar. so i decided to pick pulsar as am a guy on slightly heavier side and to my personality pulsar looks good. I am very happy with my black pulsar180. Rtr is also very good bike.
We all guys should never fight just because we have owned any particular bike every bike has puls and minus no bike is perfect. Its just the matter of requirement. If we really want performane then its Hayabusa or R1.

Posted: 3611 day(s) ago

Pulsar is awesome! Comforatable for riding! Its performance is highr than rtr

Posted: 3319 day(s) ago

Vishnu R Babu
according to my opinion rtr leads than pulsar its engine is a gem rock solid indront of apache pulsar is only a scrap

Posted: 3315 day(s) ago

i want to buy a bike under rs 80000 ?? plz help which is better - apache rtr 180 or yamaha FZS..??!

Posted: 3282 day(s) ago

i got pulsar 180 and my friend holds apache 180. trust me rtr is better than pulsar don't waste your monye go for rtr

Posted: 3282 day(s) ago

i have RTR its performance good than pulsar...go for RTR

Posted: 3256 day(s) ago

surely go for rtr 180.
it is the good perfomance bike.
milage low but comparing to style and riding it is good than pulsar...
pulsar 180 having chain spracket problem and gear box problem...but apache have nothing in it except vibration..that will also solve above 5000 km of good service..i having rtr 180 now nly i got before 4 months..ssooo move to rtr

Posted: 3252 day(s) ago

hi friend apache is a good bike

Posted: 3160 day(s) ago

Yuvaraj Chennai
hi friends apache is waste bike. tvs not improvise his bike dn't know why. bajaj is ok when rider should maintain it. honda and yamaha gives good quality superb engine but some disadvantage in specifiacation on medium range bike.... all brands are doing some business tricks that's all

Posted: 3116 day(s) ago

my personal opinion is GO for RTR BEST IN ITS #CLASS ... because i owned pulsar 180 its the worst compared to my friens trigger , apache and fz.... it started giving engine sound after 8 months,,,, chain spraket got weeker soon....

Posted: 2760 day(s) ago

apache rtr 160 is good choice


Posted: 2198 day(s) ago

Guys pulsar is a good bike in handling & mileage..but when it's come to power,style&performance..just go for RTR APACHE...but one problem is vibration in rtr ..I have Apache rtr.

Posted: 2063 day(s) ago

If you are looking for High Performance you go for RTR 180 cause it got 17.03 Bhp @ 8500 rpm where pulsar can make only 16.8 Bhp @ 8500 rpm well vibration depends on its weight.

Posted: 2052 day(s) ago

I have a apache rtr 180..
Its better than another 150cc and 180cc bikes..

Posted: 2048 day(s) ago

Amit Mehra
Yesterday I took test drive of pulsar 180 and rtr 180 There is no way pulsar can even come close to rtr in handling and power. Pulsar 180 front and rear disk brakes are bad

Posted: 2045 day(s) ago

no pulsar is always the best for speed watch its pulsar 350 model. it is awesome you will lve it racers...

Posted: 2036 day(s) ago

I think pulsar is a good bike and powerful also but rtr180 is not good its vibrates more and pulsar is no.1 sports bike

Posted: 1994 day(s) ago

mainreason forapachev ibrationis powerfulen ginewithle ssweightof 139kgwhich isthecause Whereaspul sarhavingm oreweightI e146kgwhic hresultsto lesspickup

Posted: 1893 day(s) ago

main reason for apache vibration is powerful engine with less weight of 139 kg which is the cause Whereas pulsar having more weight 146 kg which results to less pickup

Posted: 1893 day(s) ago

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