Hi Experts Good Morn I have a plan to buy Ford

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Hi Experts,

Good Morn!

I have a plan to buy Ford Fusion petrol model because i like that's station wagan look and ofcourse space to carry things.

My quesion is can i fit LPG kit with the petrol engine
2. If I put LPG kit Is any thing problem with the engine in future? I think I will use that car min of 3 years after that i will sale. Thats why I ask
3. Is it worth to buy FUSION, cos it's not a successful seller in Ford model.

So tell me suggesions. I wil go to buy very soon. Please tell me asap
  • 3428 day(s) ago by Harum
Under: Ford Fusion #Cars
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Hi Harum,

The Ford Fusion is a good driver's car.

+ Great to drive, huge amount of space inside
- Fuel efficiency, spares are expensive, resale value is very poor

You can fit LPG kit in Fusion, but there are two things you must take care of.

1. Installing an LPG kit will require the tank to be fitted in the boot - this will reduce boot space substantially.
2. LPG kit makes sense if you're going to do a decent amount of driving everyday. If your driving is only 15-20 km a day, then it won't be economical to install an LPG kit.

Lastly, the Fusion has been an unsuccessful car for Ford, and hence buying a new petrol Fusion probably is not very wise. Try and buy a 2-3 year old car for around Rs 3 lakh. That will be a really good deal for you.

Hope that helps

Posted: 3428 day(s) ago

Ford fusion is definetly a driver focussed car bt i dont advise u to purchase tht because the maintanence cost is very high since it is ford, service costs wll b high. Resale value is very poor. Instead try for some other altenative.My advise is dont go for ford.U have leanty of options in tht segment. U can instead go for diesel also.

Posted: 3428 day(s) ago

Thanks to veriCAR and varun for giving suggestions.

If fusion is high in maintainence Then please let me know which is good car in the ssame segment? or just like fusion station wagan

Posted: 3428 day(s) ago

The fusion is a great car and their is no reason for u to not buy one.If you keep getting the car serviced regularly at company specified intervals it will not require much maintainence.
Yes by fitting an lpg kit you will lose out on boot space but apart from that there is no problem,however i would suggest u go in for cng instead of lpg due to relative ease of availability.
There is no other car in the market in the fusion body style.i suggest you go in for it.

Posted: 3428 day(s) ago

Naveen Kumar M
Go for Fiat Punto, its the best in class, looks great and of course the latest looks. When you paying so much you should go for the best ones.b

Posted: 3427 day(s) ago

Going for Ford Fusion will be a good idea provided cost is not a constraint.Also recommended not to fit LPG kit for the same as the engine performance is considerbly good and installation of LPG would reduce performance in long term.

Posted: 3426 day(s) ago

Hitesh Desai
Dear Harum
The Fusion is very fun to drive and very nice. The only problem as far as I have come to know is that it is not designed for LPG or CNG so the engineer and other parts like filter gets used up or damage easily then any other car.Also my bumper was damaged and i got new one at 16000 Rs tht too without colour.The colouring is priced atRs 6000.
Therefore the parts are expensive too.
I agree with Naveen to go for Punto.

Posted: 3426 day(s) ago

Ford Fusion car is a good car . this car is very fun & nice car . if u are using long drive then lpg is recomended . if u are using a small drive then lpg is not good . this car having a good space in back after instalation of lpg kit the car value goes down . Also recommended not to fit LPG kit for the same as the engine performance is considerbly good and installation of LPG would reduce performance in long term.

Posted: 3426 day(s) ago

Jag Mohan Jain
ford fusion is a good car . If you serviced regularly at company specified time with company service centre it will not require much maintainence. this car is very nice car for runing in log highway . with LPG IS BETTER CHOICE . IF YOU ARE CHOCING A ORIGINAL ITALY BRANDED GASH KIT IT WILL WORK FINE OTHER WISE IT WILL NOT SUCCESSFULLY .

Posted: 3426 day(s) ago

Anand Kumar
Hero Honda
1. Buying a Ford vehicle is not advisable coz you have better options like Maruti, Hundai and Honda (l'll expencive) with much better service Network, Resale Value and low maintenance. If you still want to buy it tthen its your choice.
2. Fitting LPG is advisable if your running is more then 50KM per day AT LEAST. It will reduce your vehicle's performance whenever you will run your car on LPG. If you fit LPG/CNG kit in any vehicle then remember to run your vehicle on both petrol and CNG/LPG. Run on CNG/LPG for 300 - 500KM and then run on Petrol for 50-100KM otherwise you will face problems if you try to use it on petrol after few months.

Posted: 3415 day(s) ago

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