Hello I want a mileage bike it means India s most fuel

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I want a mileage bike, it means India's most fuel effiecient bike in the 100cc segment to 125cc segment. Some of my friends told that Bajaj PLATINA is the most fuel effient, but some of them vote for TVS STAR city. I am confusing and I need comfort also. Please friends suggest me that
1. which is highest fuel effient in 100cc
2. which is high in 125cc
3 And which is most most most high mileage bike?
  • 4453 day(s) ago by ARUL
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You can try with Bajaj Discover 100 cc bike.Company is claiming mileage to be around 80KMPL.

Posted: 4453 day(s) ago

Gautam Jain Chennai
bajaj ct 100 will best because it give 65 millage and good smooth engine instead platina .. platina is best in its look but engine give some rub sound ..millage 65.... 125cc discover is best for look but shine is good smooth high class in all corner millage 55 to 60 ..but crux is best in millage u can expect 80 km cheap in price 40k .. u can drive it @ zero maintance cost very best bike no complaint bike .. only giving filling that it is small in height... and u may go centr tvs big bike good millage best performance but now stoped by company so old 2006 model will best.. in too old u may go champion 4s up to 80 millage @ 10000 price 1993 to 1998 model avails in market ..

Posted: 4452 day(s) ago

Suresh Krishna
You can try with Bajaj Discover 100 cc bike.Company is claiming mileage to be around 80-90 KMPL.

Posted: 3912 day(s) ago

Suresh Krishna
Grand Vitara
You can try with Bajaj Discover 100 cc bike.Company is claiming mileage to be around 80-90 KMPL.

Posted: 3912 day(s) ago

Narendar Bhoi
Rellay I don't belive this bike is mileage to be around 80-90 KMPL

Posted: 3897 day(s) ago

Go for the Yamaha V Max....lol

Posted: 3829 day(s) ago

Vs Sastry
hi no problem keep the bike with u only dont do any thing sir even the new bikes is not giving this mileage

Posted: 3771 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Hiiii you better go for splendor pro.believe it or not after 3rd service, by bike touched 101 KMPL

Posted: 3765 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Hiii frnd , my request -dont buy any hero honda bikes , can't gives a good milage then other . any hero honda bikes of 100 cc -max milage is 50-55 kmpl..better to ride a pulsur....

Posted: 3762 day(s) ago

hi fri.i want to buy you bajaj discover

Posted: 3722 day(s) ago

Ganesh V
hi, i've owned tvs centra in 2004. It was giving mileage of 113kmpl for almost one year. 2nd year mileage was 100 to 104 kmpl. till 2009 it was giving mileage of 90-95kmpl. In the past 2 years, some of the bangalore service centres put their great & sincere efforts to bring it down to 60kmpl. present mileage is 55-60kmpl only. i made a mistake of getting my bike serviced by tvs authorised service centres.

Posted: 3711 day(s) ago

ct 100 is the best bike in india for mileage. it gives 90-100 kmpl. Just go for that

Posted: 3701 day(s) ago

i want to buy apeche 160 rtr or pulser 150 dtsi which byke give more millage in those bykes i am confuse of those bykes.plz tell me answer of those bykes.

Posted: 3700 day(s) ago

I think apachi 160 is the better option

Posted: 3696 day(s) ago

Dinesh Maurya
bajaj discover 100 cc is best ..

Posted: 3696 day(s) ago

Dinesh Maurya
bajaj discover 100 cc is best ..

Posted: 3696 day(s) ago

I suggest you go for Bi-Cycle... due to petrol price we cannot ride the bike nowadays!!! :)

Posted: 3688 day(s) ago

thats right

Posted: 3688 day(s) ago

Lalit Kumar
I have bajaj pulsor 150 cc, Feb 2009 model, run only 6700 kms. it gives me the average of 35-40. please suggest possible solution to increase it's mileage.

Posted: 3687 day(s) ago

Sagar Singh
dear just go ahead with bajaj discover 100cc and happy forever...

Posted: 3680 day(s) ago

hey i m riding yamaha R15. it gives 32kmpl, i m an college student , my dad has star city n bajaj discover 100cc..
both r gud 1... for looks u can go for discovr 100cc n it surely gives me about 85kmpl...
any bikes u prefer... try to control ur speed not more than 50kmph so that it helps u to give bettr mileage at lesser rpm... so u could go for choices doscover or star city...
both r good at mileage... if u wanna spend little higher than this go for honda cb twister ... my frnd s getting 80+ in his twister...

Posted: 3678 day(s) ago

Hi Dear,

The best bike i can suggest is new bikes are
in 100 CC
1. TVS 4 Stroke bike which give 65 to 70 with heavy duty but u may not bike is created specially for business purpose.
2. Bajaj Boxer Which may give 60+
3. Hero u can go for cd Dawn/ Delux can give u 55+60

in 125 CC
1. Honda Shine i suggest as no sound go pickup
most imp thing good look like proper bike for all age wise gives near to 55
2. bajaj discover 135 after 2-3 year it may give u huge maintenance cost

Regards, Venkat

Posted: 3674 day(s) ago

Sir I want good milage byke in 100cc for long tarm at loo maintance.I short out honda cb twister,tvs sport,bajaj discover100cc.

Posted: 3666 day(s) ago

Sir I want good milage byke in 100cc for long tarm at loo maintance.I short out honda cb twister,tvs sport,bajaj discover100cc.

Posted: 3666 day(s) ago

go tvs sports good in mmileage segment

Posted: 3658 day(s) ago

My suggestion to all you guys who are looking for good milege giving bike, then go for light weight bikes, dnt go for Bajaj Pulsar and CBZ extreme and all it will never give u good milege bcz thy r vry heavy nd consider only for style. Light weight bikes like CT 100, Splendor Plus and Passion Plus will be a good deal. Well I have a Passion Plus which I bought in 2007. nw its giving 70 kmpl average. Take my advice go for Passion plus or pro both are good and vry stylish.

Posted: 3657 day(s) ago

Hi friends d Pls give the solution for good millage for Bangalore, I sort out ,discover100cc, TVs sport & TVs star city

Posted: 3629 day(s) ago

Every time its not the mileage factor that should conclude you to buy a which bike or car. The product's reliability , quality , After sales services, maintenance etc. also are to be taken into consideration as a bike might give 5-7kmpl less but will not let you down in long term use.
I am not into bikes but yes the i use hero honda splendor which returns 60kmpl with ease even if you rip it hard with satisfactory quality and maintenance.

Posted: 3626 day(s) ago


Posted: 3620 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Guys, I own a Hero Honda splendor. Almost 10 years with 35000 kms of riding it still gives me mileage of 65/70(city/long run) . Initial was 80-85 kmpl. My advice is to use your bike with at most care, timely service and economical speed. That will make sure that you bike gives you good average and its engine quality does not deteriorate.

Posted: 3616 day(s) ago

discover 100cc will defintely give 70 to 80 kmpl even after 1 year on city roads (hyd) if it is not ..plz give me d best milage vechile

Posted: 3612 day(s) ago

sir am going to buy honda bike in that i don't know which is best in twister and honda dazzer pls suggestion me which bike best in both pickup and mileage.

Posted: 3610 day(s) ago

yes defiantly honda bike not give more than 60 to 65 mileage ( its my exp)but its long term serves provide you and minimum maintenance ( and strong still ) other bike gives really 70 to 80 millage like bajaj descover 100 cc and nothing other any company compare with bajjaj ...

Posted: 3609 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
sir appachy i ood not ot o cb twister b maillaje

Posted: 3606 day(s) ago

Raju Srivastav
Hero Honda bikes are good for mileage Bajaj platina and CT are also good. But if you wanna enjoy the ride with someone special the Yamaha Bikes are the best. Mileage you can think about later.

Posted: 3606 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Any bike will give good mileage if:
1)Maintain 50km/hr speed
2)Attain higher gear ASAP w.r.t RPM
3)Reduce unwanted/un-necessary gear change
4)Avoid intense braking
5)Periodic maintenance
By these methods, my splendor 98 model still gives me 65kmpl.

Posted: 3605 day(s) ago

Its better to buy bajaj discover125cc its giving 60-65kmpl in city travels

Posted: 3600 day(s) ago

hi guys,
how to make my honda dazzler high mileage in city ride. pls give your suggestion which u know.

Posted: 3600 day(s) ago

Sir I want good milage byke in 100cc for long tarm at low maintance. plz suggest me

Posted: 3589 day(s) ago

Sir I want good milage byke in 100cc for long tarm at low maintance. plz suggest me

Posted: 3589 day(s) ago

jst power up d boosters and change oil to ecl

Posted: 3585 day(s) ago

Sc Roy
I want to take best mileage bike .hero honda fi or other

Posted: 3584 day(s) ago

i want to bye a bike. that give me mileage. i thought spender pro, i am wrong or right.

Posted: 3583 day(s) ago

S, me too agree,

Disadvantages of using Bike:
1.Many drug riders ride very rashly.so it may lead to Accident.
2.Helmet is mandatory.with using helmets no one can drive any smooth bike easily and freely.
3.You must give/spend more and more money to any ordinary traffic police.if suppose you are cought by some pol... while standing in the signal ,even u wear helmet,normal speed and correct driving.
4.U can fill up ur tank by every 1 to 2 weeks.It wastes fuel costs.
5.U can able to push ur vehicle for a long distance. if suppose Panchar(without having air in ur tier).
6.U also spend money for any other spare parts work, water washing and maintaining.
7.you can able to ride bike without looking any Girls.
8.If u face any accident then sometime it will lead to death.
9.you can able to control ur bike at any high speed.
10.Some times,someone will sucks you petrol. when u are in outside.
11.By using helmets no one of the Girl can able to see your face.
12.Finally you miss your offer(Girl). Who fall in love with you!...!!

Posted: 3571 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
go for discover 100cc...

Posted: 3569 day(s) ago


I want a mileage bike, it means India's most fuel effiecient bike in the 150cc segment to 225cc segment. Some of my friends told that you can take 150cc some of suggest 225cc. I am confusing and I need comfort also. Please friends suggest me that
1. which is highest fuel effient in 150cc
2. which is high in 225cc
3 And which is most most most high mileage bike

Posted: 3569 day(s) ago

Raju Srivastav
Hero bikes are good for mileage Bajaj platina and CT are also good. But if you wanna enjoy the ride with someone special the Yamaha Bikes are the best. Mileage you can think about later

Posted: 3569 day(s) ago

Go for Honda Series

Posted: 3555 day(s) ago

Go for Ninja nice mileage of 22kmpl

Posted: 3540 day(s) ago

Abhilash Damodaran
Hero Honda
Super Splendor
i am a proud owner of Hero Honda Splendor Plus purchased in in the year 2005.It is really a wonderful bike.It still gives me an unbeatable mileage of 70kmpl in the city.Maintain low speed(45-50),regular service and oil change is must for better mileage.Fill fuel at a regular filling station.do not race too much when u start the bike especially in the morning,instead use the choke for only for 15 seconds from the time u start till u ride your bike.Plus keep the air pressure little more than the recommended level.avoid frequent braking.

Posted: 3534 day(s) ago

CT 100
hey i have bajaj ct100 so can anyone suggest wher ll I get booster and how much it costs

Posted: 3533 day(s) ago

hi, i suggest to buy the bike twister, bajaj is very poor is quality and millage (110cc), apache worst is metal quality, splendor and passion with self or without is also very very poor in metal quality and millage. before 2005 splendor and passion quality was good but after 2005 the metal has been changed, now the metal combination is iron and aluminum, those days they use to produce with iron metal, it is better to go for honda cb twister it is having good style, millage,pickup and everything......!

Posted: 3532 day(s) ago

My suggestion is to go by BICYLE HAVING DYNAMO POWER STORAGE WHICH WILL PROVIDE U HIGH MILLEGE Only pedalling is enough when compare to petrol diesel oil etc I forecast the coming years will have this type cycles will have high mass in our country

Posted: 3522 day(s) ago

Ranjith Khan
i have bajaj m80 major 2002 modal. I am plug out the corparator jetscru it gives 65 in city. How is this? And keep speed only 40km/h. Dont over ride. Use 4 gear .in brigges switch the enjien or dont raise the accelator. Go for speed breakers before u see dont ace.....

Posted: 3518 day(s) ago

platina is best for mileage

Posted: 3506 day(s) ago

I have all the bikes i am getting 10 km/l avreage

Posted: 3499 day(s) ago

cd deluxe is best for milleage

Posted: 3497 day(s) ago

paltina100cc is best for mileage 90kmpl

Posted: 3485 day(s) ago

Podaa... Yaswanth Venna and Raju Srivastav Dupukku Mandaiyan

Posted: 3484 day(s) ago

1.Better keep on going walk on the road side.
2.It will also help to maintain your body health and wastage of fuel. 3.If you take walk for 15 minutes of every day then it will increase your life by 3 yrs.
4.If you take a long time walk everyday then you will be beneafitted more

Posted: 3484 day(s) ago

S, Me too agree .
All Bikes are very very waste.
So don't buy Bikes.

Posted: 3484 day(s) ago

1.Those who having the bike are very lazy peoples.
2.They are very worst peoples

Posted: 3484 day(s) ago

s, Me too agree

Posted: 3484 day(s) ago

Debabrata Dash
I want to purchase 100cc fuel efficient bike. Which is the best for me?

Posted: 3475 day(s) ago

Mohd Abul Raheem
Dear gays,

Don't think any bike in you mine i give you Best idea now petrol rate is too for 80 rupees ltr
just go new or one year old only with good condition BAJAJ CT-100 select best bike in the indian of milage iam useing past 5 year it on street 90 km in go village or any good road 110 km
i think your option iam used iam give good advice for you think think .

Posted: 3473 day(s) ago

go 4 cb twister,,,
supb initial pick up ,,,,,
no vibratn til 60,,,,
sure average milege 68+,,,
in heay trafic it s 62+,,,,,
maximum speed 102km/hr, can reached the speed with in 300mtr,,,,,,,,
nethng its not a raceng bike,,,
after mi first service, i got 70+ at a speed betwn 40-50....
trust honda,,,
if u need a milege bike with healthy lyf go for twister not for platina......

whle brakng, higher tendency to slip, if d speed getter than 60,,,, below 60 it s cool,,, no promblm....
sound from chain,,, proper maintance reguire
at frst im facing a big promblm, that is gear slippng,,, 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 3rd slips,,, after my 2nd service its solved,,, now im happy,,,,, trust honda,,, small and smooth engine with low sound,,
awsum bike,,, below 110cc,,,,, dont compare it with above125cc bikes,,,,, its torque 9ns power 9,, which is greater than platina 125cc, discover 100, all 100cc hero honda byks

Posted: 3470 day(s) ago

What the hell you are speaking.There is no petrol now a days. so many of them affected due to increase in price of petrol and demand for petrol. Without having petrol we cann't able to ride any bikes. So pl save petrol.Just go by walk . It will extend your life . (Nadanthaal oil kuraiyum but AAyul kuodum)

Posted: 3470 day(s) ago

Please suggest me a good Bike for good millage 65, and what is the millage of Honda Shine

Posted: 3459 day(s) ago


Posted: 3458 day(s) ago

puda mavana

Posted: 3454 day(s) ago

i want to buy a bike ,I am 157 cms height i like honda shine and hero splendour plus which one should i prefer pls guide me ?

Posted: 3450 day(s) ago

Tinu Mathew
Guys go ahead with hero Splendor+/pro...both are good choice for less maintance,70+ mileage,riding comfort,style..etc

Posted: 3439 day(s) ago

Lathif Khan
try tvs xl . It gives around 150 Kmpl

Posted: 3433 day(s) ago

Best is cycle. Mileage is veryyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyy hig. Please try. For more Detail call Pavithra @9487786691

Posted: 3433 day(s) ago

Hidden Adventure
yo dude, i suggest u for Luna that requires no patrol only kerosine

Posted: 3426 day(s) ago

I want to know which bike is good in respect of milage & resale value ,honda cb shine or hero splendor plus

Posted: 3409 day(s) ago


Posted: 3390 day(s) ago

Hi i m ALI n i will say that new cb unicorn is the best bike both in performance and look,after 3rd service it is giving 62 kmpl n meanwhile the pick-up is fantastic n road holding capacity is superb,so better go for new honda cb unicorn.

Posted: 3382 day(s) ago

Naveen Pollachi Coimbatore India
Sambit you are not a good commentator ok just .

Posted: 3380 day(s) ago

Naveen Pollachi Coimbatore India
Unicorn Is Best ...!!!

Posted: 3380 day(s) ago

Prince Kumar Gupta
hi, please chose bike
1. Bajaj Discover 125 st
2. Hero Ignitor

Posted: 3379 day(s) ago

discover's good, platina close second, splendor good for maintenance...

Posted: 3376 day(s) ago

Nandu Ahmedabad
hi; please go go for this idea after all tis review fii feel to go for public transport or buy a bullock cart

Posted: 3365 day(s) ago

Hi go for hero splendor pro

Posted: 3364 day(s) ago

Dai Moodevikalaa, Now a day's bikes are very very waste da. Don't buy bikes. Better spend money to buy a Cycle. Instead of buying a bike with 40,000 Rs. Buy a 40 pieces of cycle and give it to poor peoples.Buying a cycle is only 1000 Rs. So help others...

Posted: 3362 day(s) ago

some idiots are giving unwanted comments in the thread. stop it

Posted: 3353 day(s) ago

Bajaj has been in India for a long time ...... nonetheless hero Honda has splendor & CBZ which brought them to glory, now bajaj pulsar with a huge tank.... taunting the Male Shoversion.. which worked for them hero lost Honda....Bajaj was basically into scooters when they wanted to capture the Market, speculation and risk taking capacity builds confidence and hard work so they are good how ever their service centers lack Hard core technical capabilities and soft skills along with the shitty Bajaj Moter vechile insurence. ....where as TVS service center is far
better. so you see that machines communicate with you, so features and fabrics are just a perks do not fall for these..i have shared my experience for i had a bajaj scooter then discover 135, however TVS notifies service for my appache RTR.which means the insecure is better too..nonetheless i also own a sedan which met with some adversity and guess what when its rains it pours.....my car insurance is from Bajaj Allience and it is tough. so your choices are tough too there is a way to tackle this but again you will have to define your "purpose"
for example: do you need to travel far distance or just in and around your area, would the bike take a heavy pillion rider, and the worse is Bangalore Traffic..think rationally and make sure you use your freewill wisely

Posted: 3353 day(s) ago

BAJAJ DISCOVER IS BEST BIKE if u r looking for mileage...

Posted: 3349 day(s) ago

go for Royal Enfield dude
it gives me a mileage of 45 kmpl inspite of 350 cc
always remember Bullet is the BAAP of all bikes
its better to ride Metel bikes other than Plastic Bikes

Posted: 3349 day(s) ago

wait for some more years, you may get better one which gives more than 120 km/ lit.

Posted: 3346 day(s) ago

bajaj discover best for u..

Posted: 3343 day(s) ago

well after reading these whole comments i think you should go for TVs star city ,it gives mialage around 70 to 75.

Posted: 3337 day(s) ago

bajaj discover is the best bike for great milage

Posted: 3336 day(s) ago

how give my tvs sport 70+ milage

Posted: 3334 day(s) ago

Hi....guys which bike giving a more mileage in price 50,000.......Plz answer me???

Posted: 3324 day(s) ago

splendor + is a right choice in 100cc. its milage 60-65 real.power+style+market re-sale value is supperior. i used it since 1999.

Posted: 3320 day(s) ago

best to buy discover 125st good looking bike with mileage of 60-65kmpl

Posted: 3313 day(s) ago

hi friand please suggest which one is best for all
bajaj discover 125 st yamaha 125ss honda yuga derms passion pro

Posted: 3312 day(s) ago

frnds...pls tel me abt the mileage of fz-s and ignitor....

Posted: 3311 day(s) ago

Frnds... I have heard from my friends that bajaj bike's engine gives problem after 1 year. Is it true ?? many of my friends are suggesting me, not to buy bajaj bike if I am planing to keep my bike for more than 1 year. My friends are telling me to go for Hero Bikes or Honda Bikes. Please suggest me friends what to do ?

Posted: 3310 day(s) ago

Yash Kaswate
hi friend,I think bajaj platina it gives 90 kmpl cc engine,electric start,better load carrying capacity,5 speed gear box,powerful & reliable battery,long seat for better comfort,solid graphics with all black styling,bright halogen headlamp

Posted: 3307 day(s) ago

bajaj ct100 top speed is 120 my bike gives that

Posted: 3306 day(s) ago

Veer Mehta
hello ,friends my bajaj pulser 180DTS-I mailage 80KMPL reaily &true

Posted: 3289 day(s) ago

James Mani
Dai James'su Podaaa, James Idiot,James Stupid,James nonsense,James country fellow , Shut your mouth, James Dupukku mandaiyaa,James venna,James kaboothi...

Posted: 3288 day(s) ago

Thank You , I like it. Thanks a lot my dear friend--->Mr.James Mani.

Posted: 3288 day(s) ago

Gumkalakkadi Gummaa
hero honda

Posted: 3286 day(s) ago

friends i want to buy a new bike in 100 to 125 segment which provied me good millage and low maintence

Posted: 3281 day(s) ago

Hi i am sathyaraj i bought the hero honda spelander + my bike is 65 to 70 kmpl give the millege but 30 to 40 between the speed drive my bike

Posted: 3268 day(s) ago

Hi friends i want buy a new bike .in 100-125 .and i want its have good mileage,low maintence ,no vibration, good drum brake ,good shockub..can you help me

Posted: 3266 day(s) ago


Posted: 3264 day(s) ago

Vg Arunanand
hi friends i want highest mileage bike . witch bike ? plz tel

Posted: 3244 day(s) ago

Best Wisher
Best 100CC bike is Honda Twister (Light weight ; 70KMPL) & TVS StarSport (heavy weight 80KMPL starting then 60kmpl maintain after 3 years)
Best 125cc Bike is one and only Honda Shine at 65KMPL at starting and 60KMPL after 3 years or 4 years if maintain properly with servicing.

Posted: 3242 day(s) ago

Bajaj discover 100cc is best for mileage i bought it on oct 2009 and ride almost 40000kms now iam getting 75 kmpl at a speed of 60

Posted: 3238 day(s) ago

Momin Ahamed
suzuki hayate is best for mileage.its mileage around 65-72kmpl.

Posted: 3234 day(s) ago

Sukhsen Singh
bajaj platina is 90 kmpl milege..is best bike of bajaj...

Posted: 3230 day(s) ago

Hi I want to buy 150 cc bike. Please suggest me which one is good i am looking for which give good mileage and good pick up

Thanks in advance

Posted: 3225 day(s) ago

Santhosh Kumar.S.S
Hi i am santhosh from tamilnadu. for any petrol or diesel vehicle, bike,auto,car,bus,generator. i am using Super saver fuel additive,that gives me 20% to 30 % extra mileage. Just 2 drops of Super saver for 1 litre of Petrol or Diesel. no pollution, no vibration , smooth pickup. oil condition is good. contact me - 98401 52889.

Posted: 3216 day(s) ago

Santhosh Kumar.S.S

1 ltr of petrol / Diesel just 2 drops of Super Saver. u can save Rs.1200 to Rs.1700.from your fuel expenses.

Posted: 3216 day(s) ago

hi friends i am using pulsar 150cc ..... for a mileage & for a better look i hope it must be honda cb twister......... pls suggest me

Posted: 3214 day(s) ago

Result of all above discussion is BAJAJ DISCOVER is BEST.

Posted: 3211 day(s) ago

Bajaj Discover is good,unicon and shine are better and Royal Enfield Thunderbird is best

Posted: 3210 day(s) ago

Osama Binladen
Better buy a try cycle man, It will be very useful to you...Because you can also use the front part of try cycle as your bed room,It will reduce your house rent, also you can able to travel along with your family for a long distance.

Posted: 3197 day(s) ago

Chandana Kadatthal Veerappan
Super thalaivarae...

Posted: 3197 day(s) ago

my platina giving me 78 kmpl in city after service mileage drop to 65 even after two more service no one rectify mileage drop haha haha in india after service mileage drop ??

Posted: 3188 day(s) ago

i am getting confused which bike is giving more mileage platina or bajaj discover 100cc??

Posted: 3188 day(s) ago

Dai, Platina is very worst bike da! Anurag.

Posted: 3175 day(s) ago

Dear friends i suggest you to go for any hero 100cc bikes (splendor+/pro, passion pro, cd dawn/ deluxe) My SPLENDOR+ is giving about 65-70kmpl from past 7years.

Posted: 3165 day(s) ago

hey plzzz say me which bike gives more mileage bajaj platina or bajaj discover 100cc??

Posted: 3164 day(s) ago

Dai both bajaj platina or bajaj discover 100cc bikes are not good in mileage da Rahul.Better buy a cycle , there is no wastage of mileage.

Posted: 3164 day(s) ago

Metha Padicha Methaavi
Hello Idiots,

Now a days there are many problems in the country, At first there is always a traffic problem, Second there is a global warming, It may reduce the water level in the earth. Finally in the year of 2025 there is no water in the earth.If you increase the global warming continuously then at particular time all peoples are died in the earth due to loss of water . So think how to improve our country???. Don't Chilli or stupid thinking.

Posted: 3163 day(s) ago

Vithii Pesuthu
First Use the facilities that are provided by the government. Ie. I mean go by bus,train etc... or use other private facilities like Auto, Taxi, Share Auto, rickshaw,Van etc... So that we can protect our country from traffic pollutions and global warmings etc... We also avoid many road accident. It becomes very easy to travel for a long distance freely.There is also no traffic congestion.Pedestrians didn't find any difficulties while walking on the road. They also walk without any fear about accident .So pl... pl... don't buy any bikes. If you buy bike then, one day you really face an accident. At that time You spoil only other life not yours. If you want to die then better you hang by yourself . don't spoil others life.

Posted: 3163 day(s) ago

dont travel, or you loose 50 to 1 rupee on train and bus, 1 to 2 rupees on bus and shared auto in city, 2 to 3 rupees on bike, 4 to 10 rupees on own cars, and 10 to 30 on private auto/cars per kilometer.

Posted: 3126 day(s) ago

Maathi Yoosi
Hi friends,

I will give you a better solutions:

Pour Water instead of petrol in your Petrol tank and then ride bike. So there is no wastage in petrol and also no worry about money... It will also save your money.

By - Ukkanthu Ukkanthu Yosikkum Vallal

Posted: 3113 day(s) ago

Dont bye the bike natraja service

Posted: 3113 day(s) ago

Jayaprakash K
dont buy tvs star city.this bike does nt have fitness and milage is only 45 kmpl

Posted: 3111 day(s) ago

Dilli Babu
bajaj ct100 is the best one to compare others because its gives more millage near 80kmpl. less maintanence if any doute contact me 8940625920

Posted: 3097 day(s) ago

Sreejith Unni
Hi I owend a YAMAHA SZR, company offered 65kmL but still i am getting 35-40 KML now its reaching 2 year.. Most of the parts still i needs to change due to no quality products.. Please friends dont buy any Two wheeler from YAMAHA.

Posted: 3013 day(s) ago

Rakesh Kori
Hi, I have a bike of Hero- Honda Splendor 125 cc and riding it from 1999, Now also I get the mileage of 60kmph. good balancing bike to have it.

Posted: 3010 day(s) ago

Go for Splendor its give constant mileage and parts are more reliable.

Posted: 3006 day(s) ago

Jithin M
i am using discover 100 cc bike... i get milege of 85 kms at speed 40km/hr when speed increases to 50 it turns around 75-80 and 60 it gives about 65-70 kms which is the best mileage can a bike give....

Posted: 2991 day(s) ago

Dear Sir Please you sagest me for Hero honda cd100ss bike information

Posted: 2977 day(s) ago

Me also buy Bajaj Discover 100t its averge and perfomance is better than other 100cc bikes

Posted: 2974 day(s) ago

Distance travelled-9400 km average-82kmpl

Posted: 2972 day(s) ago

Anurag Chaudhary
own platina experience in starting too much mileage trouble after that 65kmpl and when i luckily tuned it it gives 78 kmpl @ 45kmph in city and bad when serviced from authorised bajaj service centre mileage again go down to 55 to 65 kmpl mechanic make only excuses

Posted: 2972 day(s) ago

Put Eight On Bike
First all of you take the license then, think about of buying bikes.

RTO (Inspector)

Posted: 2969 day(s) ago

@ Anurag Chaudhary,
You can search for
1. how set mileage on 4 stroke bike carburetor
2. Bike maintenance tips
3. Oil to use for your bike name and engine capacity (cc) to achive higher mileage

I use Bajaj 4s champion bike. It used to give me around 50kmpl. Asked many mechanics to set the mileage at least to 60kmpl but, no success. I had referred a few post, set the mileage now I am getting 68 to 70kmpl in city. I do not prefer to use bike on highway or for tours.

Posted: 2943 day(s) ago

Satheesh Kumar
Dont go for bajaj they frequently change their models u wont get spares..from boxer at,100,hudibaba.wind.byk.caliber.ct100.discover135.pulsar135.220

Posted: 2942 day(s) ago

Having Glomour PGMFI (on road 75K) from 1 year, at the first it has given 68-73 kmpl on Hyderabad roads, after 7 to 8 Services it is giving 61-65kmpl. On the highways now it is 65-70 kmpl, It is good bike from Hero. If you want to choose 125CC go for it. It is bit costlier then normal glomour(On road 67K).

Posted: 2907 day(s) ago

Hi Friends, I give you a better solution . go for Hero Honda Splendor. It gives you a better mileage in 100 cc segment . It also maintains the same mileage even after the years. It is a risk free bike that you can able to control your bike at any speed.

Posted: 2833 day(s) ago

i think super splendor is best

Posted: 2818 day(s) ago

Prabhakaran J
No Dont get Bajaj Discover 100cc new model bike...(Dooom la ulla kannadi thooki screw panirka model) ...Am using this and my friends are using this.. its not giving the average milage itself.. totally on a servey of 50bikes of dicover100cc,i got answer on DONT SELECT THIS ONE.coz its around50-60in start, after 25000km its 40-50,now mine is 60000 but the milage is fixed between 30-35 after servicing all types! nothing is hwlpful!!
Better u can selct Platina,CT100,Splendor Plus.....Economically it is best.!!
If u want it both economical and look like pulsar and other sporty bikes,u can select the discover old model135cc bike and it will give around 55-60kmpl and fit extra fittings like engine pad and short hand bar... Looks Woooooow to be sport bike with the stickering u want!!!!! chanceless awesome!

Posted: 2814 day(s) ago

Hi Friends, now am riding Splendor + plus. It is also gives better mileage, on comparing to splendor. It gives 63km/lit.

Tips to maintain High mileage:

1. First avoid instant breaking. It will damage the break shoe and then result in loss of petrol.
2. Don't always use the clutch while on riding, only use the Clutch if necessary.
Two ways of using Clutch:
a) use clutch if you are going to change the next gear (or gear up) while on riding.
b) Don't Gear down when you are in high speed, Use clutch only after the speed is slow After that you down the gear.
3.Maintain Minimum speed in the Cities or Towns, to avoid instant breaking.
4.Always park your vehicles in the shadow places or sheds, Avoid to park the vehicles in front of sun radiations or sun light, It may evaporate the fuels.So loss of petrol.
5.Avoid using side stand, Put strait stand this is better to maintain the bike at some risks.
6.water washing is necessary for every 6 months. This will remove the dirt and soil particles from your bike. so that the engine is in good condition and runs smoothly . Finally it gives better mileage.
7.Avoid extra wiring mechanism. It may lead to wiring problems.
8.Use petrol lock or some one may sucks your petrol.This petrol lock will help you to avoid the petrol loss from suckers.

- nraja.btech@gmail.com _9486866166

Posted: 2784 day(s) ago

If u want 80 kmpl + millage bike don't go for any other bike go for All bajaj 100cc bikes...

Posted: 2453 day(s) ago

Dont buy yamaha fzs bikes milage is very low

Posted: 2416 day(s) ago

which is best bike in 125cc to buy

Posted: 2416 day(s) ago

Hero Honda Passion Pro

Posted: 2384 day(s) ago

Or , Go for Hero Honda Shine

Posted: 2384 day(s) ago

What ever the bike you are going to purchase is not the matter boss when you start the bike and moving on the road you should not use the CLUTCH unnecessarily, because the engine is going to take additional fuel when you put the CLUTCH. One more important thing I can challenge you that no bike is going to give you mileage in metropolitan cities in heavy traffic. i f you going on long distance of above 50.kms then any bike can give you the mileage.

Posted: 2347 day(s) ago


Posted: 2199 day(s) ago

M 80 would be better

Posted: 2097 day(s) ago

plz tell me sir best and top mileage bike

Posted: 2044 day(s) ago

plz tell me sir best and top mileage bike

Posted: 2044 day(s) ago

Dear Arul,
I am using Bajaj CT 100 model 2007 and still its giving 70KMPL. Baja CT 100 look was average. Bajaj Bikes always best Mileage, but we need to give service every 6 months and cost is low. Hero...Honda bike Average Mileage but looks good.
My Choice Bajaj Pulsar / Bajaj V15

Because we can get average mileage (Bet 60 to 70 KMPL), if we will go bet 40 to 50 KM Speed and Bajaj Looks and V15 Looks is Great!

Posted: 1814 day(s) ago

Navith R
Better take Honda CB Unicorn 2013 model . It's a best bike in 150 CC Segment. Also engine power is amazing . Mileage 45 to 50 km/Ltrs .

Posted: 1795 day(s) ago

All Union Bike CEO
Tips for maintaining your bike with high Mileage per Liters,
(Applicable for all bikes):
Here are some Points need to be noted,
1).First of all your have bike with running condition. So that you can able to start your bike .
2).Use bike cover to avoid sun light .
3).Always park your vehicle in shadow places. Also Use bike cover even you have parked your vehicle in shadow places.
4).And avoid to park your vehicle in front of sun light.
5).Water washing is must for every 6 months for any bikes.
6).Always use speed petrol. This can smoothen your bike engines at some cost.
7).Use petrol lock & Petrol tank cover lock.
8).Avoid using side stand to control petrol leak .
9).Ride your bike with only normal speed. which may help to consume your petrol.
10).Put oil in your bike clutch,gear& brake. which you have maintained it in weekly basis. This may help to avoid clutch plate damage,gear rod damage etc.
11).Always use soft cloth or baniyan cloth for cleaning your bike , which is entitled with dust (For better maintainance).
12).Change your bike engine oil for every 6 months. To get a better result of your bike mileage.
13).Always keep your tank full Means you can fill up your bike tank with full of petrol(Only for 1st time & not recomended for 2nd time). Interested can also fill up your tank full of petrol even at 2nd time or more that many times, once previously filled petrol drains.
13).After that you just put straight stand(Don't use side stand) & make sure the petrol switch is locked with petrol lock.
14).Also make sure that you have parked your vehicle in shadow places, means not in infront of sun radiations.
15).If you want to go to some other places. then simply take your bike & switch on the bike with your bike key, then turn on the petrol without starting your bike.
16).Make sure that you haven't start your bike without completing the previous steps.(As mentioned in point 15).
17).After completed all the steps which I have already mentioned in point 15. Then also you need not start your bike .
18).First you get in the bike & conform that it is in neutral . If it is in gear then kindly set it back to neutral by gear downing.
19).Take up a position , Then you slowly push your vehicles from arrived place to destination place , If you want to go faster then push your vehicle very fastly while traveling on road side. you keep on push your vehicle till your destination place is reached .
20).After reaching your desired places you can put straight stand , park in shadow places , use bike cover etc... as already mentioned in the above comments .
21).If you want to return to your starting place (I mean arrived place again) then follow the same procedure as mentioned in the point 1 to 20 .
22).My doing this you can maintain any bike with Very Very Very Very Very Very high mileage without any loss of fuel or money.
23).One important points to remember that You can't start your bike at any where or any time . One thing you have to do that is switch on the bike without starting & switch on the petrol once you arrived to some other places. After reached your desire place remember to switch off/close both petrol switch & bike switch with lock.
If you follow this steps properly then no one can beat you.

1.Don't travel for a long distance , It will make you tired.
2.Don't full fill your tank anonymously , one time filling up tank is enough. Otherwise if you have more money it's your wish.
3.Don't share this ideas to your friends . He/She will beneafitted more .

If you want further Ideas , Please contact me at :

Further Address Details : KanduPudinga Paapoom.

Ph No: KanduPudinga Paapoom.
Email ID: KanduPudinga@KanduPudingaPaapoom.com
Fax No: KanduPudinga Paapoom.

Posted: 1795 day(s) ago

All Union Bike CEO

Your points are really helpful , Very great info:
All bike users can get good mileage Once you follow the above points


Posted: 1795 day(s) ago

Reply Me
Hi every one , If you want to save your Fuel & Money Or Mileage bike. Then Neenga enna Maitthukku neraiyaa Petrol Pooduringaa.
Reply Me...


Posted: 1781 day(s) ago

its urgent iam local property agent i travel daily 20 to 30 kilometers please give me better suggestions for buying best millege bikes on local roads. thank you

Posted: 1738 day(s) ago

Indian Thatthaa
Hello Yogesh, Go for Bajaj Chetak or Yamaha RS100 , Which gives you best mileage. Also make you comfort while riding on local roads.

Posted: 1734 day(s) ago

Hello Yogesh, Go for Bajaj Chetak or Yamaha RS100 , Which gives you best mileage. Also make you comfort while riding on local roads.

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

All Union Bike CEO

Your points are really helpful , Very great info:
All bike users can get good mileage Once you follow the above points


Posted: 1643 day(s) ago


You all are eating food well and more then, Why cannot your bike eat some petrol or mileage

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

In Tamil

Neenga mattum nallaaa theeni thinguringalae, Unga bike konjam petrol thinna kudaathaaa

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

In English

You all are eating food well and more then, Why cannot your bike eat some petrol or mileage

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

In Tamil
Neenga mattum nallaaa theeni thinguringalae, Unga bike konjam petrol thinna kudaathaaa

In English
You all are eating food well and more then, Why cannot your bike eat some petrol or mileage

Posted: 1643 day(s) ago

Pitchai Edu I Mean Beg Daa
Whoever want to maintain a good mileage and think deeply about spending even small amount of Money. Better He or She Should beg someone to get a lift. Here your will not spend even 1 rs and Also there is no Physical strain for you.

So, Just change yourself as a beggar boy instead of educated boy .

Here after Begging is your aim I mean Those who want to maintain mileage and Money.

Posted: 1396 day(s) ago

Vishnu S
My opinion Hero passion pro with disk very powerful and gud breaking system fuel efficiency 60 km per liter 50 km speed gud looking and smooth gearing so i suggest hero passio pro

Posted: 1395 day(s) ago

Arvind Sharma
Having hero maestros edge from uttar Pradesh rto registration and I want to drive in Mumbai
Plz suggest better process
Reply asap

Posted: 1394 day(s) ago

Compare Bike With Life
Boss, I will give you a better solutions for any bike to give better mileage,
Bike should be maintained as same as like your Wife. That means you should not give it to any ones hand. you should also handle it very smoothly for better performance. If you handle it very hardly, then It will also become very hard to give you better performance and mileage. If you give your bike to any ones hand then, He or She will escape with your bike. Finally you may lose your life sorry bike .

Note: Typo Error in Last Line: Please read as bike instead of life.

Posted: 1378 day(s) ago

Ithaan Ippo Periya Kavalaiyaa
Pooei Pillaigala schoola padikka vaigayaa

Bike mileage kodukku kodukkala athu ennathukku.
Naalaikku unga pillaiga kaiyaala oru vaai soru kidaikkuthaanu paarunga da vennaigala.

Posted: 1341 day(s) ago

Is This The Big Problem
First of all you all concentrate only on your children s education

What is the use of it that your bike gives better mileage or poor mileage.
Beware of yourself that you peoples are able to take even one time food prepared by your child in future in his or her home.

Bloody idiots .

Posted: 1341 day(s) ago

First wear the helmet and then ride If you do not wear the helmet then one day you died due to accident At that time there is no use of it even your bike gives very better mileage

Posted: 1215 day(s) ago

For what hair you are expecting good mileage in bike
First you work with good mileage in office for your family growth Once you draw high salary at that time you wont cry for this.

Posted: 1207 day(s) ago

Neenga enna maitthukku bike mileage nalla irukkanumnu ninaikkeenga Ungala moola mileageAh workLa NallaKaathuna pinnaadi nalla sambalam kidaikkum so ungalukku bike mileage oru thusi

Posted: 1207 day(s) ago

Kannaa Onnu Soldraen Purinchikka
VaalkaiLa kedaikkura item bike ah irunthaal Un kavalai ellaam antha bike mileage la.
But Un VaalkaiLa kedaikkura item oru girl ah irunthaal Un kavalai ellaam antha item marriage la

Posted: 915 day(s) ago

Kannaa Onnu Soldraen Purinchikka
VaalkaiLa kedaicha item bike ah irunthaal Un kavalai ellaam antha bike mileage la.
But Un VaalkaiLa kedaicha item oru girl ah irunthaal Un kavalai ellaam antha item marriage la

Posted: 915 day(s) ago

Dont use Bikes Use only Cycles Save Petrol and save Health

Posted: 864 day(s) ago

Vimal St.John
Just put one hand of sugar, salt or ground soil in your petrol tank.Then star your bike and ride for 2 to 3 kms.After that you find the petrol remains constant even after long ride

Posted: 832 day(s) ago

Vimal St.John
Oru kai vuppu or seeni ie.sugar or mannu edutthu ungal bike petrol tankil poottu vidungal.Athan piragu start panni oru 2 illana 3 km thooram varai sellungal.Ungal petrol kuraiyaath

Posted: 832 day(s) ago

Vimal St.John
Follow these above steps and find the petrol always remains in your petrol tank.
Melae sonna karutthai pinpattrinaal ungal petrol ungal bike petrol tankil irunthu kuraiyaathu.

Posted: 832 day(s) ago

Vimal St.John
My contact:
Vimal Raj,
SFD Department
vimalraj at stjohnlogistics.net

Posted: 832 day(s) ago

Vimal St.John
Ennai thodarbu kolla:
Vimal Raj,
SFD Department
vimalraj at stjohnlogistics.net

Posted: 832 day(s) ago

If you want to maintain a good mileage in your bike.

Please follow these below Instructions
1. Always ride the bike with normal speed
2. Dont use clutch anonymously that means ride the bike only if the roads are free ie. without having traffic on roads.
3. For that you should take your bike only on every week sundays.
4. Because Sunday is lock down. So no one will come outside that means the roads are free.
5. So enjoy with your bike mileage.

Posted: 472 day(s) ago

St.John Freight Systems Perumaiis

Please find the above link, Just replace the CAPITAL letter with that particular symbol and remove the space in it. then, find the magic.

Posted: 352 day(s) ago

St.John Freight Systems Perumaiis

Please find the above link, Just replace the CAPITAL letter with that particular symbol and remove the space in it. then, find the magic.

Posted: 352 day(s) ago

St.John Freight Systems Perumaiis

Please find the above link, Just replace the CAPITAL WORDs with that particular symbol and remove the space in it. then, find the magic.

For Example
EQUAL TO is replaced with symbol equal to.

Posted: 352 day(s) ago

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