I have a friend who is 45 and cannot drive he cannot

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I have a friend who is 45 and cannot drive, he cannot overcome the fear...still he has a desire to drive and overcome. As a teenager he used to use cycle, commuting from one place to another in Delhi....now he is in lucknow... is there any such help available for him....would auto transmission car help...how to drive auto transmission car...we want only expert advice.
  • 4187 day(s) ago by ANTHONY
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The main thing in driving is using control system like steering, brakes effectively later comes the usage of proper gears according to desired speed. The best thing to overcome fear is to learn driving in fields where there will be no obstacles.After practising in field take vehicle to lesser traffic roads and later on city traffic conditions.Though it looks common practice of driving, stil its the only way to overcome fear.Other than this giving infrmation about different parts of the car, its functions, importance etc helps to greater extent.Not to forget traffic signals and road maners.
Its quite a common thing that people tend to develop fear due to non familiarity in usage, the same can be overcome by step by step procedure and consistent practice.

Posted: 4187 day(s) ago

Rajeev Shukla
Hi there, I also live in Lucknow after shifting from Mumbai & Delhi. You can ask yr fried to contact me, my colleague has a Maruti 800 Automatic transmission the only 4th / 5th vehicle which MUL had produced. Yr friend can not only see it know how does it work to take away the fear !! I am also of his age, so no worry at all, whatever support is possible - will be extended !
Rajeev Shukla 9793062333

Posted: 4186 day(s) ago

Sutanu K Ghose
It is best for your friend to go to a professional training school e.g Maruti Driveng School,local Automobile Association etc. where one is put on a computer simulater (like the ones Aviation Pilot undergo) for 4 to 6 days, after that they are made to drive actual car for 6 days,with a trainer (with a extra brake padel)sitting beside him to train him proper driving. Actually in a short time as per a new law,all driving training school will have to have a simulater for training.

Posted: 4186 day(s) ago

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