My monthly running is around 300kms should I buy swift

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My monthly running is around 300kms.should I buy swift petrol or swift diseal? how is running costs OR maintainance of swift diseal?
  • 4187 day(s) ago by Shailesh
Under: Maruti Swift #Cars
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Rajeev Menon
hi shilesh
as long as your riding is less than 500km per month you can blindly go for swift petrol version without any confusion.petrol engine will give you little bit more running cost than the diesel version but the diesel version car is much expensive than the be frank i am telling you to go for swift petrol version.

Posted: 4187 day(s) ago

Dr Anshuman Pandey
hey dude .. i wd say tht you better opt for diesel one.
i have around 18 cars including pajero, endeavour, corolla etc... but the mileage of swift dzire diesel comes to around 28-29 highway and minimum 22 kms/litre in city. i use it for vigorous run for my staff and sometimes myself.. it is comfortable, economical, has a good resale value and i don't remember the last time when i went to the fuel pump with this car.
and yes i forgot to mention the climate control in my zdi is extremely good and till now i have spent only 2500-3000 for its servicing... remote control music system(factory fitted) works better than my pajero and endeavour (these cars dont have remote one)..
hand rest is also good for resting exhausted hands in city traffic(back seat)

Posted: 4187 day(s) ago

Kd Singh
Hi Shilesh.
Yours is a very funny question. I am giving you a simple calculation and then you may decide which version of the swift you should buy. Suppose you buy petrol version (I am not recommending any version)you will roughly save around Rs.70000.00 (difference between petrol & diesel version) OK. Your monthly running is just 300 KMs. Now see for yourself that with an average of 11-12 KMs to a litre of petrol, you can run your car for more than 58 months with the saved money. I think its easy to decide now. Please let me know your decision. Thanks.

Posted: 4187 day(s) ago

For the usage mentioned, going for petrol version would be a better option as its available in cheaper price, good mileage and maintenance costs.It will be worth going for diesel version if using the same for regular long drives.

Posted: 4186 day(s) ago

Shashank Singh
hi...first of all u shud see ur pocket for maintainance....going for maruti reduces your maintainance coz the cost of spares are low as compared to other companies like hyundai and ford...but as your usage is quite low u can opt for the petrol model coz it requires less maintenance and diesel requires more coz the parts are expensive as compared to petrol ...Dr. Anshuman Pandey said that his car gives 28-29 on highway tht is exceptionally good ....but usually the diesel gives mileage of 17-19 km/ltr with the city and on the highway it gives 20-23 km/ltr with AC...and with the petrol model you will get 12-14 km/ltr in city and 16-17 on highway ...And if you drive long distances thn the best option you will get is diesel.....hope u got ur answer ...bye n tc

Posted: 4186 day(s) ago

my dzire petrol gives 20 km/liter in petrol so

Posted: 1682 day(s) ago

G o for ignis it is pocket friendly low on maintenance and mostly it has safety features loaded which r useful in nt buy swift for only 300km you should spat a lot.

Posted: 1108 day(s) ago

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