1 which cars are good for the budget within 1 lac which

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1. which cars are good for the budget within 1 lac ,which would require minimum maintnace ?

2. Is it true that the mumbai cars are rusty & in poor condition ?

3.are disel car good or petrol cars good for second hand purchase
  • 4191 day(s) ago by Dr Prashant
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Deven Sheth
Hi, Dr.Prashant, i m deven, i m haveing a santo 2003 xo in very good condition 55000 km driven, fully loaded power stering, power window....etc, mumbai reg., its a single owner the owner is a doctor, its very well mantained, if intrested than u can call me the price is 2.20,

Posted: 4191 day(s) ago

Hi. prashant,
If it is 1 lakh budget then look for an alto with around 50 to 70 thousand KM driven. Its good car.
Petrol engines have better and quicker pick up.
Maintenance is lot depends on how you drive, timely servicing and respectful driving etc.
I will not suggest anything below alto, if you can push your budget little bit then santro would be good bet.
all the best.

Posted: 4191 day(s) ago

Within your budget and within any budget any car of Maruti is the best bet performance wise and the maintenance is also less, go for a maruti alto, or a maruti zen or a maruti wagoner or a maruti esteem, you may even opt for a santro, just search all search engines like this one and carwale, and go for a 2002 upwards model car. alto is the cheapest so you will get a latest model, if you want a bug car then go for esteem, do not opt for opel, ford etc

Posted: 4191 day(s) ago

With the kind of budget you have definitely a diesel wont fit into your budget. Go for a petrol one. I suggest either a maruti alto or a zen.

Yes Mumbai cars are rusty, its because of the coastal belt cant help it. Look for Pune cars..

Posted: 4191 day(s) ago

Dear Dr. Prashanth,

Please read out my buy-out before you decide on anything. I had a budget of 1.5 lakh as down payment and didn't have a clue which car to buy. I was thinking of going for a loan (with my 50K salary) and hence buy a new car because 1.5 lakh, I thought was too less for a second-hand car. But when I went to Mandovi Motors, a major Maruti showroom in Bangalore.

My friend was working there and she showed me many Altos and Zens but there was one cute-looking, good-conditioned, small one in a corner. It was only .75 lakh and it worked out half my budget - no loans, no paperwork, nothing.

The car, found in Maruti showroom, is Matiz. I have driven it on city roads and highways (500 kms in a day). Its so easy to handle... its just like driving a toy. Its engine is in an excellent condition, so smooth and comfortable inside and shocks are so good.

Many of my friends with budget below 1 lakh are willing to buy it from me but some are not happy because they say Matiz is worth only 60K. AS per them the parts are not available but I have not come across any such situations yet since I bought it around 4 months back.

So, please look out for a Matiz before even thinking of Maruti 800, Alto, Zen, Santro, etc. because we give a premium price for just the Maruti name tag and its service. But my Matiz is serviced by one very good mechanic and also theres the Bosch Service Centre that services Matiz and its very close to Mandovi Motors. As of now, alls good with me except that of a cheap car tag. I could have gone for any new one but somehow zeroed-off on Matiz.

All The Best,


Posted: 4191 day(s) ago

Best option would be a Maruti 800. Not all mumbai cars are rusty but there can be tendencey for the same due to exposure for humid air favouring rust formations.Petrol cars are better selection for availability at cheaper price and good mileage.

Posted: 4189 day(s) ago

S Joshi
Hi all Maruti lovers,
I totally agree with mr.prashanth, as I too was having maruti 800 and driven for almost 3 years and yes ofcourse the driving is easy and very cheap car compare to anyother model, but about 6 months back I sold my maruti as it was little old model (94 model) and bought Matiz (searched whole of bangalore and found less numbers in all second hand car dealers, abund of maruti 800 cars) which is very good car and cannot compare with even maruti 800, alto & santro too. What people thinking is Daewoo company is closed and getting spares is difficult, but noway, till date I too serviced with good mechanics and it is with AC and very good condition and car is very good pick-up and gives very good mileage and all mechanics say Matiz is very good and cannot be compared to either 800 or alto. When I thought of selling my Matiz becos of same frame of mind, company is closed and I cannot get spares and sell it at the earliest, but my friends are all asking for half the price I bought it for. So I decided not to sell it upon firmly checking with mechanics and they too told don't sell the car. So search and go for good car don't comprise on brand name, see the safety factor, less maintenance, good mileage etc., Happy buying -- S josh- bangalore-owner of Matiz

Posted: 4186 day(s) ago


Posted: 1049 day(s) ago

doctor prashant and s joshi I have a matiz, too and i need some information related to the ac

Posted: 1049 day(s) ago

what are the options for the ac in a matiz

Posted: 1049 day(s) ago

which other cars would be a straight fit

Posted: 1049 day(s) ago

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