hi i want to buy muv my budget is 7 to 8 lakh shall i go

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hi i want to buy muv my budget is 7 to 8 lakh. shall i go for xylo or used innova 2.5v 2007/2008 model?
  • 3458 day(s) ago by Kalpesh
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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Depends ... do you want to be seen driving the *most stupid looking box* in the world? Then buy a Xylo. It has a smart engine and some cool features, but thats the end of the story, and all that is INSIDE.

From the outside, it is the world's stupidest, saddest, funniest cartoon project right out of a kindergarten picturebook, moving around on undersized wheels. MM designers have insulted Brand India to have come out with a design like that.

At that price, you would at least have some inclination to *look good* in a car you own or drive right?

Even a 40K kms run well-maintained Innova is a better deal, any day, than that cartoon named XYLO.

Posted: 3458 day(s) ago

Toyota Innova will be best option.

Posted: 3458 day(s) ago

Innova any day is far more superior in all respects than the Xylo. If this is your budget then you can look for a V model around a year / year & half old.

Posted: 3455 day(s) ago

Siddharth Puranik
Hi Kalpesh,

Any time Innova 'V' is better!!
XYlo is VFM,though looks can be bit odd but that is something which you need to decide whether you like it or not.

Innova is technoically far superior to xylo,so I suggest Innova..very good quality vehicle..

Posted: 3455 day(s) ago

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