Hi good evening Tell me some tips to increase the

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Hi good evening.

Tell me some tips to increase the mileage and life of 2 wheeler (HERO HONDA GLAMOUR)
  • 4682 day(s) ago by Madhu
Under: Hero Honda Glamour #Bikes
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Gautam Jain Chennai
glamour bike is not a goodfor younger ..but now use it within 45/50 km ph .. dont go 60//70 .. change good oil within 3000km .. and there is nothing to say execpt pray the lord for good running ur bike

Posted: 4681 day(s) ago

Love Bhawsar
Hero Honda
Hi madhu,

First of all if you have owned the HERO HONDA GLAMOUR Then congrats.

Now for increasing the bikes average you can check out some points mentioned below.

1) Maintain your Bike well (Regular Service After Every 1500 - 2000 KM)
2) Drive at the speed OF 45-60 KMPH
3) Don't drive rash.
4) Replace your bike's spark plugh after every 15,000 KM.

These are some points which i am using for my Bike which is Glamour only. And currently its being 18 month i m using Glamour & today also i m getting an average of 56-59 KMPL.

Hope this information will be beneficial for you.

Posted: 4681 day(s) ago

Please follow maintenance as scheduled.Follow general fuel saving tips like running bike at constant speed.switching off in traffic signals .etc.

Posted: 4680 day(s) ago

ur points 2/3/4 r good to follow but 1st cant possible general service may 3000/3500 km is enough..but glamour is some diffrent bike.so avoid of glamour and super splendor is better..

Posted: 4678 day(s) ago

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