i want to ask that vehicle which is hving power strn power

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i want to ask that vehicle which is hving power strn power brakes when it has to towe with onther vehicle then the stering & brakes dosen't wrk right, how it is posible to towe the vehicle with another one with out lifting rear wheels.
  • 4206 day(s) ago by Mank
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In vehicles with power brakes certainly brakes work when engine is running. During towing , a steel rod can be used as link between two vehicles and hence applying brakes of one vehicle is enough to stop the car power.Hand brakes can be used for emergency purpose.As generally vehicle will be towed for shorter distance,and in city conditions.The vehicle will be moving bit slowly and hence no car can be handled smoothly.If the car is to be towed for large distances, most of the time vehicle wil be lifted than towed.

Posted: 4205 day(s) ago

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