I am interested to get a Mahindra Classic shortest wheel

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I am interested to get a Mahindra Classic- shortest wheel base model.Any one having this jeep for sale,please ring
up Pune 020-2585 1784 or 098816 40705.
If interested to exchange with my Black Ambassador Car of
1966 model,please let me know.It has a Chennai Number plate.MSR 5421 but run in Pune and One time tax paid in PUNE RTO.New Exide Dagenite Battery is fitted and general conditon is okay.Recently brakes,suspension and engine tuned up,and electric pump fitted.Has Alternator in place of Dynamo and Halogen Head Lamps bulbs replaced.Fog lights are available.SU Carburretor Design original equipment.I am second owner from an Englishmen ,i,e MD of Chartered Bank ,Madras.Original car and no accident.Shock Absorbers replaced.and General Upholsterey good. No tinkering.No rust seen.
Dr P C Rao, Auto Consultant, Pune
020-2585 1784
  • 4204 day(s) ago by P C Rao
Under: Jeep CJ #Cars
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Please create an alert regarding the same.Please advertise you car with photo.

Posted: 4204 day(s) ago

Gautam Jain Chennai
is urambasedor car disel with AC ..what s ur expecting amount pl reply

Posted: 4202 day(s) ago

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