Hi I have decided to buy a car after a long time and

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I have decided to buy a car after a long time and this will be my first car. Since my running will be around 1000 - 1200 kms I have decided to go for a Diesel car.
I have shortlisted the following cars : Swift LDi, Ritz LDi/VDi and Punto 1.3 Active. These fit into my budget.

Swift - proven Maruti A.S.S, good resale value.
Ritz - The dealer here in Mumbai is saying he can get me a discount of 10K. So can look at the VDi with that discount. But wondering why the dealer is giving a discount for such a new car?? Maruti A.S.S, good resale value, according to numbers selling well etc etc
Punto - Good looking car, have always liked a Fiat :-) but after sales service suspect. Moreover, resale value after a period of 4-5 years needs to be good and that is one of my criteria. I have serious doubts about resale value of a Punto (looking at Palio's resale value).
What do you suggest? Which do you think I should buy amongst these three??

  • 4696 day(s) ago by Naveen Rao
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Though Swift is a successful car the overall face vallue will be down with introduction of Bharat iv norms from April 2010 unless its engine is upgraded to Kseries as done in Ritz.Te Ritz has the advantage of upgraded engine and good number of features.Combined with good service back up ou can exoepect trouble free handling. However drawback of Ritz is its body shape which failed to get good comments from many of the car lovers.As far as Puntois concerned, it has good features with the updated body style which is appriciated globally.Here the disadvantage is the service back up history of Fiat cars in India.There has been considerable improvment of serivice.Only thing which can not be gaurentied is (as the vehicle is still new in market) the resle value as good as present Swift resale value.But while owning, you can expect a great service from the car.
In overall choice majorly depends upon trust factor which is currently in favour of Swift.

Posted: 4696 day(s) ago

Naveen Rao
Thanks Shiva, especially for the input regarding Bharat IV norms as far as the Swift is concerned. Additionally, I completely agree with you regarding how Ritz looks. Honestly, I dislike that (no offence to Ritz owners/lovers).
Its now becoming a point of head v/s heart (read Ritz/Swift v/s Punto). Really like the Punto and I have heard great things about this. Moreover, I love the look of the car, makes you feel get up in the morning and take it for a long drive :-). Wondering what I should buy and what should be my decision.
My apologies I did not mention this, but how does Punto compare against Ritz/Swift as far as FE is concerned?
Really appreciate all comments helping me decide on a car.


Posted: 4695 day(s) ago

Compared with Ritz and Swift Punto mileage is lesser by 1KMPL onaverage and hence does not differ much interms of mileage.Punto will be a good selection.

Posted: 4694 day(s) ago

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