what is the meaning of 1 9L diesel engine

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what is the meaning of 1.9L diesel engine?
  • 4790 day(s) ago by Ajit Kumar
Under: Volkswagen New Beetle #Cars
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It refers to the app 1900 cc engine.Its the sum of cubic capacity of each(sum of cc of 4 cylinders in 4 cyl engine)cylinder of the particular engine.

Posted: 4789 day(s) ago

It is the sum total of all the capacities of AIR getting into the cylinder for combustion.Each cylinder has a volume when the piston is at the lower most and higher most position.It is not that important for buyers but there are designs where a smaller volume gives a higher power depending upon the design of engine.
Further Mr Shiv has by oversight given it is for one cylinder. It is for the number of cylinders in that engine,may be 4 mostly or six in very rare cases.

Posted: 4788 day(s) ago

it means 1900 cc engine power

Posted: 4787 day(s) ago

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