Dear Mr Shiva I am using Ford Fiesta ABS Model Last

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Dear Mr. Shiva
I am using Ford Fiesta (ABS)Model.
Last week i had an accident and the car got underbody damages.
The Front Wheel Bearing got damaged.
The Ford Service center was short of the Bearing which is used for ABS Vehicles.
The Service Manager made me understood that as its an emergency, the normal bearing that comes as OE fittment in Fiesta without ABS can be used.
There will not be any problem and the ABS will function as it was earlier.
Only think is that the Dash board display will show the ABS indicator light ON.
Pls advice me on the above justification given by the service manager.
Also let me know the draw backs of using Normal Bearing instead of that used for ABS Vehicles.
  • 4221 day(s) ago by Bhavesh
Under: Ford Fiesta #Cars
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Theoritically If the bearing with ABS mechanism is replaced with normal bearing, ABS indicator light will be ON.This will affect the functioning of ABS because of wrong signals given from sensors.Though Normal bearing wont affect functioning of the wheels.It will be better to get it replaced with the one recommended for particular function ASAP.

Posted: 4221 day(s) ago

Dear Mr Bhavesh,
I am unable to understand how the Service Manager of Ford has given you a wrong information.
I am surprised by a different answer.
May be Service Manager is a novice and may not know the intricacies which Mr Shiva knows.
Good Show Mr Shiva, Keep it up for your answer if the Service Manager has given a wrong info that ABS will work.
I do not know any head or tail of this design and hence I am keeping quiet as in our days we had Ambassador and Fiat
and there was no experience of such things. If a bearing is not available,we will ask the Manufacaturer to give it under priority as local bearing are spurious if you do not know the source.
Good Day.
Dr P C Rao , PUne

Posted: 4220 day(s) ago

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