does honda shine vibrate on speed on 50 kmph

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does honda shine vibrate on speed on 50 kmph
  • 4706 day(s) ago by S K Haldar
Under: Honda Shine #Engine-related
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Honda Shine does not vibrate much at 50KMPH.

Posted: 4705 day(s) ago

it's okay dude....Don't prefer shine

Posted: 4705 day(s) ago

i have a shine and it don't vibrate much on speeds like that if you are driving at medium revvs

Posted: 4705 day(s) ago

No, It will not shake in 50 KM speed.

Posted: 4704 day(s) ago

Ranjit Soni
Wagon R
No,it will not shake in any speed when you use premium petrol.

Posted: 4703 day(s) ago

It should not vibrate at 50kmph

Posted: 4703 day(s) ago

yes it does but there is nothing to worry if u take it little above to that speed where u feel vibration is fainted away it will be good speed 4 bike and it will be between 55 to 60 kmph and in case u still feel problem then better get it checked.

Posted: 4703 day(s) ago

from where side u feel the vibration 1>> cluch or 2>>front suspension .. solution >> if u opened cluch head than put timing exactly ... if from front suspention pl ceck all nuts .. handle bar bottom rubber . front axle may some twist . f/r wheel rim may some twisted. check all point minutly. good bike no shaking bike in any speed

Posted: 4688 day(s) ago

s it vibrates on or above 50kmph . i own a stunner both same engine. i gets vibrate on this speed

Posted: 4687 day(s) ago

yes it is real honda shine vibrates above speed of 50kmph,I am using shine from last three years and i noticed that after 40kmph we need to use 4rth gear and after 50kmph engine demands for 5th gear which is not there.That's the factory engine fault.these type of problem is not found on other brand bykes.from my personal opinion think for 100 times before purchasing any honda bykes. Its your money dude.

Posted: 3606 day(s) ago

Sudhat is right i have Activa Honda using last 4 years and facing lot of Vibration problem if it is slow or fast. I suggest don't purches honda two wheeler it has really mechanical problem

Posted: 3601 day(s) ago

My honda shine vibrates between 45 and 60

Posted: 3374 day(s) ago

I doubt the opening gap of the silencer might not be enough. That may be the cause for vibration. Unicorn dosent vibrate as it have a larger opening in the silencer.

Posted: 3348 day(s) ago

Abhishek Tyagi
yes honda shine vibrates after 50 kmh and demand 5th Gear, unfortunatly not available, very irritating

Posted: 2832 day(s) ago

S Niranjan
Yes my honda shine bike is also vibrating when we reach above 50 kmph speed...
.......... Plz tell me the solution

Posted: 2426 day(s) ago

S Niranjan
Yes my honda shine bike is also vibrating when we reach above 50 kmph speed...
.......... Plz tell me the solution

Posted: 2426 day(s) ago

i too have the same problem. but i have planned to use unicorn small sprocket at gear box side which has 2 teeths more than shine. it will reduce power slightly. but can reduce engine rev for the same speed. have to check is it possible to fix.

Posted: 2417 day(s) ago

Shine is not good bike.

Posted: 2173 day(s) ago

I'm using Honda CB Shine bike,,, I feel comfortable at keeping 30-40 kmph but when I reach above 40 speed my bike is vibrate heavyly... What can I do? Pls say the solution...

Posted: 2121 day(s) ago

firstly it doesnt has anything to do with silencer whole. All you need to do is change the front sprocket with a bigger 15 teeth sprocket from unicorn

Posted: 2006 day(s) ago

i'm using Honda shine, from the day1 it gives more nice and vibrate even 40km speed(sound like 70km /80km speed noice)and no pickup, honda service centre said after first service it il be good. Almost four service done but no improvement and no proper reply.

If some one have the same situation and resolved by your own, kindly contact my number 7904007360 chennai. i need your kind help.

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

yes, after 50kmph engine demands for 5th gear which is not there.

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

I am using honda shine from last 7 years and does not observe as much problem of vibration yes it vibrates on 50 kph speed but after increasing speed to 60 kph it become smooth this is not the major issue this bike has given me the sufficient performance and lowest maintenance till the date as per my own handling

Posted: 1830 day(s) ago


I am Kiran i have purchased HONDA shine SP 20 days back,in 1st and 2nd Gear Quick pick up is not there and after reaching sixty km speed i feel excess vibration and sound compare to lower speed..please advice on this

Posted: 1810 day(s) ago

It is comfortable at 40-50 kmph but when I cross above 50 speed my bike is vibrate heavily please suggest solution...

Posted: 1707 day(s) ago

same problem with my bike
its vibrate above speed of 55 kms/hr

Posted: 1446 day(s) ago

Parmar Vikramsinh
i have honda shine bike..when bike speed is above 50km/hr thats time much vibration is please give solution...

Posted: 1237 day(s) ago

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