HI Experts what features will i miss in Maruti Swift VXI

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HI Experts,
what features will i miss in Maruti Swift VXI and LXI models, apart from Central locking and Power windows, i did not find any other major feature missing in both the variants.
Coming to cost there is a difference of 35k to 40K between these two variants.
How much cost will it occur for me if i install Power windows and Central locking from an outside vendor if i purchase LXI model and will there be any warranty issue if i get them fitter from an outside vendor?

  • 4253 day(s) ago by Baba
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Mandar Khatawkar
Dear Friend, nice observation. I am not an expert but the same was observed by me while purchasing WagonR recently. I did the same.
Central lock cost be 3500 and power windows with one touch function on all 4 windows and auto close on remote locking costed 9500 at Ngpur.

I saved almost 30K by purchasing LXI instead on VXI model and spend only 13K to get additional features.

What i still missing in my car is a defogger and rear wiper which is not at all a nessecity at a hot city like Nagpur.

Hope my comments will help you making right decision.

Posted: 4251 day(s) ago

HI Mandar,
thanks for your reply.
Well my another worry is if, i get the power windows and Central locking system retrofitted from a outside vendor, does it break any kind of warranty.
Apart from these do i miss any kind of interior facilities or equipments if i choose the LXI model.

thanks in advance...

Posted: 4251 day(s) ago

it is not only central locking and power windows ,
the other thins missing r
1.wheel caps
2.rear seat Headrests.
3.door sensor light in the dash board
4. interiors r different
5.body coloured door handles.
6.fog lamps n so on
All these things put together come to the same difference amount what you saved.

Posted: 4251 day(s) ago

Mr Karan and Mandar Khatawkar has provided the exact information.

Posted: 4249 day(s) ago

i want to buy wegenr but i m confues between lxi and vxi and i also want all feture in minimum cost. So pls suggest me.

Posted: 2398 day(s) ago

Nimesh Patel
This is like playing the flute in front of a Donkey @ Sandeep how you catch Mr Shiva Shankar and what is wegenr is it your Ice Cream and what is confues do you have any confession to make. Be careful what you says can be held against your Wegenr what ever it is.

Posted: 2397 day(s) ago

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