Hello everyone I am from Bangalore and I want to

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Hello everyone---- I am from Bangalore and I want to upgrade to a sedan. I have seen a chev Aveo 1.4 LS LE model for sale. This car is July 2008 model but registered in Maharashtra. It is fully loaded immaculate condition and done 7000kms. The price the seller is quotating is 5.5 lacs.
1. Is the price right as GM has no resale value and spares are very high?
2. I have to also change the registration and pay the road tax for bangalore, so how much should I shell out for the road tax?
3. Is the road tax paid in Maharashtra refundable? and how is the procedure of the refund?
4. As I would be using about 1500+ kms in a month, can I fit LPG kit to this car(aveo) and which is the best kit compatible to this car? Also let me know what is the millage I would get per kg?
Kindly help me out----------
  • 5079 day(s) ago by Manoj
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Used Aveo at 5.5 lac wont make a good option.It can bebought for max of 4.5 lac if in very good condition.For changing of registration you will have topay the road tax as described by concerned regional RTO.The road tax paind at Maharastra will be refunded after change of registration by RTO.You can fit the LPG depending upon requirment.Please refer to article on comparision of fuels in news column.

Posted: 5077 day(s) ago

Yogesh Maney

You can get Aveo in the range 4.5 tp 4.8.
I am having Top End model of Aveo : Aveo LT 1.6 only 25500 km done. Gives 10-12 km avg. It is listed on this portal. You can check the following link.


Posted: 5077 day(s) ago

Benny Alexander
I own an Aveo (2006) Top End LT model, with 34000 Kms, with many accessories, new tyres, new seats etc. I got a person interested to pay 4,30,000/- Reg. in Tamilnadu. You should be able to get 2008 model for 5.25-5.5, if there is no issues in the care, But it would be rare.
The car is almost maintenance free, you shouldn't feel bad if you are not bothered about sophisticated driving and gearshift experience.
The resale value is poor, I admit this.

Posted: 5077 day(s) ago

Dear Manoj.,
Appreciate that u ask someone before u buy Chev Aveo.,
2008 august blore registration u can get it for 4.5, with just 3200 kms done, and now the vehicle is 6000 kms run, and the suspensions are damaged, CHEVROLET CALIMS warranty and its 23 days and still the dealer has not even attempted to replace the shocks., and calls even to GM DELHI CUSTOMER CARE DOESNT MAKE EVEN THE MINUEST IMPACT., the look of the vehicle is fine, but the internal features are bad, gear shifting, vibration, etc,, this is my experience and advise u NOT TO BUY CHEVLORET.,u can contact me on my email, for further, but if u still want a AVEO, u have to pray for yourself!!!
Chandran., - ljchandran@yahoo.com

Posted: 5077 day(s) ago

Thank you Mr. Shivshankar. I will take your advice.

Posted: 5074 day(s) ago

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