Hi I m having an offer to buy a BMW 95 model for 4

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I'm having an offer to buy a BMW - 95 model for 4 lakh. i haven't seen it nor know what is the condition. but in worst scenario is the deal worth to check out the car...considering iam a salaried guy with nominal resources?? the owner might even consider slashing another 50k...surely i don't intend to have a pet elephant, but have tempted idea of selling it further with some pie.

  • 4387 day(s) ago by Raj
Under: BMW 3 Series #Cars
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1995 seems too old a model.
it might be an accident vehicle.
Check the condition properly. Dont go by temptations.

Posted: 4387 day(s) ago

While the price is right w.r.t the model year I would advise u against it coz u are a salaried person and the maintainence bills for such cars can be as high as 35000 rupees for just a regular service.

Posted: 4387 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu

Firstly u please note that u can finalize this deal deal only if the Vehicle is of Petrol Version, as diesel cars r not worth to buy that too such old cars...
2. As car is around 14 Years old, plz check the proper history of the car like no. of previous owners, Service History including the Major Spares replaced within the span as i am facing major problems with my Hyundai Sonata Gold, 2002 model as all suspensions as well as clutch plate are in bad condition & i have to put around 75K to replace it...

Also i suggest u to find out someone who is owner of BMW & request him to drive & give his openion as its most important, if u bring a person owning a small car, he will be impressed with any high profile cars, whatever the condition is ... (My personal experience).

If u have an intention to sell it further, then plz drop the plan as u won't be getting car loan for this & u can't expect someone will be interested in ur car ...


Posted: 4156 day(s) ago

For the BMW cars maintenance would be costly.General bill would be around 20K for service and can vary depending upon parts replaced. Aas there are limited number of dealers for BMW, you can chek out exact condition of vehicle including history in nearest dealer.
Overall it wont be worth paying 4 lacs for old BMW unless you are prepared for very expensive maintenance.If you want to resell again it would be very difficult task to find right customer.

Posted: 4154 day(s) ago

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