Is the ABS and Airbags useful in the indian road

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Is the ABS and Airbags useful in the indian road conditions.

  • 4290 day(s) ago by Dr Subramaniam
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Jiju A Nair
ABS is a must feature in the Indian road conditions.Regarding Air Bag there are lot of difference in opinion.I personally believe seat belt and ABS are a must in any car.

Posted: 4290 day(s) ago

Aman Chaswal
ABS is a very good feature in the car, specially on loose gravel and rough Indian roads, ABS had sensors on 4 wheels which prevent the brakes to lock when stopping. It should be a legal requirement in every motor vehicle. And air bags prevent you from smashing your head or body against the steering or other car body parts, just like shockers they absorb the shock and force in case of accident, only feature they don't have is when the car rolls they sometime don't activate. In a nut shell is a safety feature one should never bypass for saving few thousands. It saves your life big time.

Posted: 4290 day(s) ago

yes of course kyoki abne des main iski jayaada jarurat hai

Posted: 4290 day(s) ago

ABS works will be effective while taking sharp turns and applying sudden brake.Airbags will be active if the force of impact exceeds certain limit.

The car can be driven well even without ABS and airbags. Its not mandatory for safe driving as car can be handled well even without ABS and airbags provided driven cautiously.

Overall with ABS and airbags helps to boost customer confidence for safe driving.

Posted: 4290 day(s) ago

i am not an expert, but i will just share with u what i read, in book written by lee iacocca, who was chairman of ford motors and one who revived bankrupt chrysler motors. now what he says about airbags, is that in extensive research conducted in ford motors in his times, they found, that seat belts, are as good and can be as effective as airbags. moreover he writes that, in airbags, there is a chemical, some kind of explosive which is shock sensitive and on certain amount of impact, it explodes and releases gas which fills up the airbags, and he says he is not comfortable with the idea, of driving around with the explosive kept in the dashboard. and one of my confusion is, wht if airbags suddenly inflate when they r not supposed to, when one is driving, normally on road and if there is sudden jerk due to some pothole, which so common in india.
so finally lee iacocca, concludes and strongly recommends, seat belts, as in his experience which is considerable,seat belts have saved many lives. so i guess, airbags, is waste of about half a lac of rupees, but seat belts are must, and shud be used, by one and all.

Posted: 4290 day(s) ago

Airbags are a must if there is high speed driving where collisions occur at high speeds . They dampen the impact on your body . Mostly at driving above 60 kmph + . Similarly ABS is useful for driving on non motorable roads like loose gravel etc.

Posted: 4288 day(s) ago

Airbags are not actually very effective at high speeds. Airbags are designed to be used in conjunciton with seatbelts. Air bags are most effective at changes of velocity less than 40kph. Which is like saying two cars moving at eachother around 20kph. THis has nothing to do with highway or high speed driving.

Posted: 2754 day(s) ago

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