Hi Mr Shiva Which one would be the BEST WISE buy

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Hi.. Mr.Shiva.. Which one would be the BEST & WISE buy??? If Ford Fiesta TDCi (zxi&Sxi) and Swift VDi are available on the same budget around 4.5 Lacs... and both 2007 models... run below 35K KM...

Some says Ford maintenance is costly... but, ford dealers show the cutdown price list for spares of Ikon and Fiesta ofcourse, both Swift and Fiesta are under 1YR warranty..
  • 4873 day(s) ago by Shravan
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Dear Mr.Shiva,
As per my experience from day one of purchasing Ford Fiesta
ZXI, Diesel, TDCI model in Feb. 2007; there is no extra
rupee spent on maintenance of vehicle except normal
scheduled services.

It is a myth that the diesel vehicles are costlier for maintenance as compared to petrol vehicles; which is wrong.
It has been pointed out by experts also during shows on
'Used Cars' also.

Ford Fiesta ZXI is a very good diesel model; without any
maintenance problem. I have been using it for the last more than 2 years and have already covered appox. 28,000 km.

Please go for Ford Fiesta Zxi model of 2007 model;
which has run below 35000 km.; which can be available.
Make sure that the vehicle has not met with any accident.
The price quoted is very low. Please recheck.


Posted: 4872 day(s) ago


Fiesta TDCi makes the best selection for its performance, space and benefit of SEDAN.The parts might be little bit costly than thatof Swift but it wont affect much considering other avantages.


Posted: 4871 day(s) ago

Shravan Ch
Thanks a lot Mr. Shiva and Mr. vinod...

Good to hear from you that Fiesta would be a nice option. This is what my heart wanted to follow but, waiting for the right opinions from the people like you... Thanks again...

Mr. vinod, You are right that the price quoted for the vehicle is very low.. Here actually, I got/made confused by a sales person that price quoted for above mentioned 2007 model Fiesta Sxi is about 5.5 Lacs and the other Fiesta Tdci zxi 2006 model, done 70000Km is about 4.5LAcs.. Then tell me shall I consider this 2006 model?? and let me know the TDCi engine life in KMs??? waiting for reply...

Posted: 4871 day(s) ago

Dr Chandrashekar
go for fiesta, swift and fiesta is not comparable in any way both are different segments. recheck the quoted price of fiesta

Posted: 4870 day(s) ago

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