My new spark smells when starting and driving what could

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My new spark smells when starting and driving, what could be the possible cause. Please advise a remedy.
  • 3288 day(s) ago by HAPPY
Under: Chevrolet Spark #Cars
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take it to the service station, your car is new so they should do it for free

Posted: 3288 day(s) ago

please tke it to the service center. may be the clutch plate is creating the smell

Posted: 3288 day(s) ago

Sanseep Singh
u hvn't mentioned wat kind of smell ur car is emetting it could be either petrol likeage also chek b4 u drive car hand brake is down however best option wud b 2 take ur car immediatly 2 the dealer n get it checked

Posted: 3288 day(s) ago

dear happy, don't worry be happy, only some indigestion, give some hazmola or eno, smell will be out n you will be happy again.

Posted: 3287 day(s) ago

Sasi Menon
There are many types of smells and many different reasons for each smell. Given below are a list of each:
1. Plastic burning / melting smell: This could be due to any of the electrical wiring / fuses / components getting short circuited. It could also be due to any plastic part rubbing against a moving part and therefore burning.
2. Rubber burning smell: This could be due to any of the belts in the engine rubbing against something and burning. It could also be due to tyres rubbing against something like a part of the suspension arm or the mud flaps.
3. Metal / Asbestos burning smell: Though this is slightly difficult to recognize, a smell that feels like hot plate in indicative of overheating metal. Also, an asbestos type smell (though cars don't use asbestos anymore) can indicate brake liners abrazing.. In either case, this could be related to the brake system.
I suggest that you take the car to a well known and experienced mechanic first and ask him to diagnose the problem. Pay him for that. After that, take the car to the service centre. This way, you will be able to tell them what exactly is wrong. Problems like these are sometimes difficult to identify and if you leave it to the service centre guys altogether, they may not do the rectification properly. So, go armed with expert advice and then tell them where exactly the problem is.

Posted: 3281 day(s) ago

It is important to recognise the type of smell and probable location. If you are geting rubber burning smell its important to check wireing connections as it may lead to short. The smell canalso be due to rodents stuchk in car. Hence needs to be checked thoroughly.

Posted: 3280 day(s) ago

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