hi shiv ncongrats for yr perfect answers dat u giv my

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hi shiv , ncongrats for yr perfect answers dat u giv . my frndz have praised me dat i suggested bout ur site.plz tell me in the stormy days where should we park our car for being safe from thunderstorm.others advices are also welcome for rainy days.
  • 5127 day(s) ago by Abhishek
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From your question,it seems that you park your car on the road or outside of the building.As you are aware,thunderstorm,
may pose a problem,especially if you keep below the Trees,which you must avoid. It depends on your place availabilty and Car safety. No doubt Insurance will pay for the damages if something falls over it.Rainy season is approaching,and I do not know which place ,you stay,but you
can use a good waterproof cover,which the Dealer of your car,can suggest you. This will give some added protection,
and you can give a undercoat of special Waterproofing DINITROL so that rusting will not take place.There are some good companies like STP etc,who has these Protective Paints for underchassis.New generation cars are all good in sealing but old cars have to be protected by changing the Rubbers cushion behind the Doors and all crevices should be plugged.See that New wiper Blades are purchased so that you get good wiping action,as the old ones will not do that work properly.

Posted: 5127 day(s) ago

Thanks for complements.It does motivate to provide better answers.
Regarding parking of car during thunder storm.First thing to consider is the parking space availability. Its always better to park under strong roof. The main things to consider is to prevent water entering to engine assy, shattering of glass and denting of body.If parking under the appartments, please make sure drainage is proper because in city like Mumbai and Bangalore there are many incidents of of water in the car.Many cars were fully submerged.

Posted: 5127 day(s) ago

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