I have an new i 10 which is driven just 300 km I am not an

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I have an new i-10 which is driven just 300 km.I am not an expert driver.I make mistakes like wrong down-shifting of gears particularly from 5th gear.I engage 2nd instead of 4th at a spped of say 50.As a result there is a big jolt.it has happened 2-3 times so far.Please tell me how i can improve on this.Also what damage it can cause to engine/gearbox.How can i know that there is some fault with engine/gearbox.

Another thing i often use clutch while applying brakes.i press both padles simultanously.Is it ok?If not then what should i do?

  • 5056 day(s) ago by Gaurav
Under: Hyundai i10 #Engine-related
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While shifting gears it will be appropriate to go to higher gears after increasing engine RPM or speed as mentioned in owners manual.

As far as pressing clutch pedal during braking is concerned. It is good to press clutch pedal and remove the drive simultaneaously applying the brake. However after applying brake you wil have to immediately go to the lower gear suitable for the speed.

Posted: 5056 day(s) ago

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