what is city highway mileage of hyundai sonata gold 2003

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what is city & highway mileage of hyundai sonata gold 2003 model & what are the maintenace costs & how much is car worth,car has travelled 75000 kms & in reasonably god condition single owner comp insurance.
  • 4790 day(s) ago by Drnisarali
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With Sonata gold you can get mileage of max 10 to 12KMPL.The maintenance cost is on higher side and its the maincause for drastic reduce in Resale value.You can get used Sonata Gold for around 5.0lac.

Posted: 4789 day(s) ago

Chandu Chatterjee
My experience is that in city driving conditions with the airconditioning on, you wont get anything more than 5-6 kmpl. Without AC you will get 2-3 kms more per litre. on the highway, you can get 9-10 kmpl. regular check up once every 5000 kms ensures that the car runs smoothly. add engine oil additive and this increases the engine performance. the resale value is pathetic. when you go to buy a sonata from a used car showroom, they will ask you 4.50 lakhs to 5.00 lakhs. when i tried to exchange it, no car company offered more than 1.20 lakhs.

Posted: 4787 day(s) ago

Anish Bagchi
Realistic City mileage is between 5-6 km with AC, please don't drive Sonata without AC. Better get some other car if you have such mind set. Secondly the Maintenance cost is as it's a D segment car but it's relatively cheaper than Honda's or Toyota's and let's not talk about Merck.. So net net it's the cheapest D segment car that you can own. If it's a V6 then mileage will take a hit but you will enjoy it's spirited driving, if it's a DHOC engine you would lack the pick up but it's much smoother.. and economical too.
Resale value should be something around 1.20 - 1.50 . Anything more is not worth it. Though the seller would always want 3-4 lacs , ask them to get a grip on reality.
Hope it's helpful advice

Posted: 4786 day(s) ago

Ankur Bansal
On my 2002 Sonata Gold i get fuel average of 8-9kmpl in the city with AC or without (in winters) & 11kmpl on highway. Maintainance cost is moderate not very high as one can think according to its size.
If you are getting it for 2.5 - 3.0 lac, go for it....

Posted: 4785 day(s) ago

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