I have bought a second hand 2000 model Santro The engine is

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I have bought a second hand 2000 model Santro.The engine is fine and I have alot of running daily. Would it be ok to put it on CNG? Where can I get the cheapest authorized CNG kit fitted?
  • 4792 day(s) ago by Bharat Khunger
Under: Hyundai Santro #Cars
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Considering the investment, fuel economy after fitting CNG, maintenance and handling problems,we recommend not to go for CNG.However in case of company fitted CNG/LPG versions like Wagon R DUO and Santro ECO the performance is quite better as engine and related parts are suitably designed according to requirment.

Posted: 4791 day(s) ago

Pradeep Jauhar
Would suggest that the car be shown to an authorised car dealer of Santro and get the problem corrected. Would certainly not advise the person to get a retro CNG kit fitted; it can cause further problems and loss of engine power in the long run and reduce engine life. Santro is a good second hand car and the problem that he cited can be certainly set right by an aurthorised Car dealer/service station of Santro.

Posted: 4789 day(s) ago

Karan Mordani
I also own a 2000 Santro. It is one of the most responsive engines and pleasant to drive cars still in the market. The average of barely 7.5 kms/litre hurts me too. From what I have understood about CNG, the responsiveness of the engine will be hampered thus making it feel sluggish and may be existence of 'lag'. Moreover, even though the cost of fuel goes down, the cost maitainance rises immensely. I would suggest you study the economics and average it over the life of the the typical CNG unit.

Posted: 4788 day(s) ago

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