kindly let me know what all to check while buying a used

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kindly let me know what all to check while buying a used toyta inova
  • 5134 day(s) ago by Venkatesh
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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Safestand most transparent method is to fist get general check up done in presence of owner.General check up includes test drive, checking of all oils,lights, body dents, under chasis damages, interiors etc.With this you can know condition of car.
Other than this you can ask for history of maintenance of car.Innove being a premium SUV most of the services should have been done in authorised dealers centers hence possible to get.
Check documents for clearence or pending loans on the car and get the same clarified before finalysing the deal.

Posted: 5134 day(s) ago

William Howrath

We own a Toyota Innova which is almost new (last years model). There are a number of models in the range upto the 2.5 diesel engine. We own a 2.5V diesel. Check there is a full Toyota Service History as this will ensure any faults have been identified and rectified. Find out why the seller is selling - could be something identified by Toyota during a service check.

We have found our vehicle to be reliable, strong and comfortable. Ideally suited for the Indian roads and a very good people carrier and luggage carrier - excellent for shopping.

7 or 8 seater models are available. And there is good flexibility in the seating which can be folded down for sleeping or back seats can be used for chioldren or folded away for carrying extra load.

To increase the load carrying capacity - Toyota do a very strong roof rack.

Overall a good looking vehicle, a strong vehicle, very good torque on the diesel. a reliable and ideal family car for the growing family.

If you live in an area near to Palghat I could arrange for you to see ours and also to speak with our driver about the car.

The spare wheel is under the car -check the dropdown working mechanism - car jack etc.

Air conditioning - is available in some if not all models and this is a good system which works well. It has high up seating which is good for the indian roads as the chassis is high from the road surface thus avoiding damage over potholes in the roads. also in some models a good high fi system.

Seating is firm and comfortable.

If you need any further information- please get in touch.

Posted: 5132 day(s) ago

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