I have a ford fiesta petrol 1 6 sxi which has done only

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I have a ford fiesta petrol 1.6 sxi which has done only 36000km,i got lpg fitted after a month oil started leaking through air inlet which goes from air filter to engine,initially machnic diognised head gaskit leak and changed it but it continue to leak and when falls on engine gives smoke. I am told by authorided dealer that it is becouse of lpg and now engine needs to be opened and may cost one lakh rupees,can you help me what should i do?
  • 4844 day(s) ago by Parambal
Under: Ford Fiesta #Cars
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My heart felt condolences for the state of your engine, did you get the LPG kit fitted from an authorized guy and if so catch hold of him, this is also the first instance where i have heard of something of this sort happening.cars on LPG run very well and some of friends in the office have clocked a lot more mileage than you have and their engines are healthy,somehow im not convinced that the LPG is the cause of this happening,when the oil rings fail then the car gives out smoke, the oil coming out of the airfilter shows back pressure in the engine and the only remedy would be a engine overhaul.

Posted: 4844 day(s) ago

tough question........this ford cars are very expencive. After buying maitainence is too high.
Better get it checked with some other mechanic.
Dont take any fast decision.

Posted: 4844 day(s) ago

The problem seems to be mainly because of LPG kit. Get the Kit removed and check. Complete engine overhauling is not necessary at the moment.
Plz let us know the condition with out LPG.

Posted: 4843 day(s) ago

Pankaj Shah
even i really suffered with my feista thou it has done only 20000 km company people won't listen to you they will charge you unneccessarily . first get the guy from whom you have fitted it because problem have occured from there or get a good expert mechanic who can help you.

Posted: 4840 day(s) ago

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