i am going to buy a lancer petrol is it advisable for

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i am going to buy a lancer petrol is it advisable for lancer petrol to fit lpg ,how z the performance of lancer with lpg ?any lancer users give me a good suggestion,if it is success what is tghe mileage for petrol and lpg,otherwise shall i go for lancer diesel plz give me the opt suggestion
  • 4794 day(s) ago by Muthukumar
Under: Mitsubishi Lancer #Cars
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Mitsubishi lancer Petrol gives good mileage of around 10kmpl.Fitted with LPG there wont be drastic changes in mileage.Aalso results inincreased maintenance costs.Diesel Lancer will be more beneficial for long term usage.

Posted: 4794 day(s) ago

dont go for lpg. lacer maintainance cost is 0 but if u put lpg in it maintainance will be higher ..go for cng if available

Posted: 4793 day(s) ago

if you're buying a new lancer, i wld recommend Lancer Diesel.
i only converted my lancer petrol to LPG after running for 3 yrs, and knowing that my car is in good condition, will last for another 3 yrs, and thus by converting into LPG my running cost will come down a lot.
for me, maintenance cost versus lower cost of running ( petrol vs LPG ) was a good diff....

Posted: 4793 day(s) ago

i am not having any idea about lpg.i was told by the dealer that carbon deposit wil escalate maintanance cost moreover pickup will go down.Running with PETROL if you are auser withkm 3000andless is good.

Posted: 4792 day(s) ago

Lancer is a dream car for auto enthusiast. It was dream come true for me when i purchased a secondhand lancer petrol. I was given petrol allowance from company hence i did not feel the pinch but afterwards it became a big burden for me. I sincerly regretted the idea of buying lancer petrol. And after wards it was very difficult for me to sell the car again in used car market. I lost more than 2.5 lakhs in the process. Its a fantastic car. My only suggestion is buy the car if only you are rich and can afford it. Petrol consumption is very huge and spare parts minor repair will cost you very much. Even if you can afford it get a lancer diesel. All the very best. From a very avid fan of lancer.

Posted: 4791 day(s) ago

Hi Friends, I owned Lancer Petrol. Is any chance to convert my engine as diesel engine?
mail me please,,,,ibrahim1473@gmail.com

Posted: 3538 day(s) ago

Bhupinder Singh
I am using Lancer Patrol and also fitted with LPG kit for the last four years.
I am not facing any problem. Friend, Lancer is ultimate car. (look wise, and performance wise as well) As Shiva Shankar said that Lancer fitted with LPG there wont be drastic changes in mileage. Lancer is very stable. I was also using Indica before this. In fact maintenance Indica is more expensive than Lancer. Definitely you will feel relaxed.

Posted: 2856 day(s) ago

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