I am Having a Daeweo Matiz 2000 with 72000 KM done For

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I am Having a Daeweo Matiz 2000 with 72000 KM done.

For past 1 months i have a problem that still persist. One evening i took the car, after 20 km the coolant got leaked. after check up i found the lower radiator Hose burst out so i changed the Hose. it went good for a week.
After it onces again now around all the 3 Hose burst and i changed them but it was discovered that the radiator fan fuse was cut so i changed the fuse also.

Now still the car is jerking a lot and engine gets heated soon.

The strange thing is it goes fine in reverse gear but jerks in all the gears.

The mechanics tells that either the head gasket is damage or the infold needs to be cleaned. Can any one tell the solution And also i don't want to sell it as it is great car.

Also have a look for the dipstick for the color of the engine oil
  • 5139 day(s) ago by Biky
Under: Daewoo Matiz #Cars
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There are multiple problems. One with Cooling system and other with gear system.Cooling system needs thorough checking for scaling,operation of water pump etc.Gear box needs to be checked for worn out teeth.

Posted: 5138 day(s) ago

Pratesh Gandhi
Regarding coolant leak and engine overheating, please also get the your car's AC feed and compressor tubing checked. I once had a problem when the coolant was leaking through the AC condensation out line.
The forward gear jerks maybe due to gear box slippage or clutch plate misriding. Please get the same checked.
Regarding these problems i also suggest you only go to an authorised Daewoo engineer as the car's engine was quite advanced at time of its launch and roadside mechanics may make a hash out of it. You may also consider contacting the NOIDA daewoo car center for help, i believe they now have a Fiat dealership also.

Posted: 5138 day(s) ago

I do not understand why people ask the Reader for such questions as all Readers are not Auto Engineers to answer the questions without seeing the machine? Always take it to a Dealer and the Companys Service Engineer can examine and give a correct solution rather than asking members of public. Even the solution given is a try and you may not get solution. All questiioners are not Engineers to work on their own hands and communication to the mechanic is another problem,and finally no solution.I would like Car trade to stop this question and answer system as I sometimes laugh at it.
Dr P C Rao, Consultant(Auto), Pune .

Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

Engine Expert,
First check the hoses,inlet/outlet for blockage
secondly,check the fan working properly,
thirdly,if above not working,change cylinder head gasket.
it solve your problem.


Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

Dear Mr Dr P C Rao,
First regarding diagonising of the problem. It can be done through functioning of related components.Nodoubt that diagonisis and solution will be best done with physical presence of car. Still owners of the cars can have right information about the problem from comments of viewers including people owning same models and compare the same with as diagonised by mechanic.By doing so customers can be relived of tension of doubting the mechanics workings.As far as Engineers answering the questions is concerned,for your information I am an automobile engineer and others who are giving honest comments are either Owners or experienced in automobile field. All in all there is nothing to laugh at and it would be even helpfull if you could guide our visitors as much as possible with your knowlegde and experience.

Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

better you always drive it in reverse gear itself

Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

S Joshi
Hi Shiva & Rao,
Please be patient, no counter arguments please, I agree with both you, as we are here to help out our friends whose cars in trouble, try to find out solutions rather than laughing it at, but yes finally Mechanic who checks the car can only make the final solution and we are bound to spend what he demands, and if you refuse we may compell to round the car to mechanic shopping, I too faced similar problem and now I got it engine overhauling for both coolant leaking engine overheating & white smoke etc., but still I am not fully satisfied with the repair work done. It is a great family car but always maruti 800 superior than all, as I sold my sweet maruti and bought this car only to face problems. I was using 94 maruti and took the same for long drives of 300 to 400 kms at several times and never stranded on a road even single time, as I driven the car in a hilly, bumpy, fully scratch road of Mining area of Bellary. Mr.Biky take this clue and take car to the mechanic of any as no authorised service centre of Matiz get the engine thorough checking and smoke also. Please do it fast else you may strand in the middle of the road.
S-Joshi, Bangalore -Owner of Matiz

Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

Royal Enfield
Respected Dr Rao..

I completly disagree with you..Please be informed that this forum is not exclusive for Mechanics, neither an owner of a car would take the risk and pain to buy a set of machine tools and start working on the affected machine looking at the comments..I view this forum as an opportunity to share your experience with the machines (Both bitter and best) and create a good networking/awareness. As you know experience make a person wise and at the same time wisdom does not flow into until you urge for it.. so i request you please do not laugh at this rather you being a highly qualified person encourage this and strealine this for better benifit of the readers.

Shiva shanker..

I suggest you being a competent player in this field please create a portal, with FAQ's after closely scrutining the comments as we call as peer review whle publishing the journals..Why because some comments are really impeccable andwe should not let it go of it. This certainly will be a value add..


Best regards

Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

Dear Dr Rao,

First of all, I would like to thank you for participating in this forum, as you have given many very detailed answers and surely helped out many people here.

I think Shiva's comment is right - of course, the people who are asking questions here, would ultimately do the final reparations with the help of a mechanic.

However, by use of this forum they are able to get in touch with experts as well as other owners, so that they can get other insights into the issue.

Mr Biky has asked his question in deep detail and provided pictures with it, hence, especially in this case, we can definitely provide some good insights.

Also, if we need more information we can always ask him for it!

Finally, I would like to add, in those cases where it is not possible to analyze the problem on distance, we would always recommend to visit a dealer to solve the same.

Again thanks for contributing here. Apropos I will be sending you the login to become an Expert on our site shortly, as you are surely qualified for the same.



Posted: 5137 day(s) ago

Hi All,

Thanks for all your suggestion and guidance as it will not allow a beginner like me to get cheated by mechanic.

I showed up to a mechanic. And below things needed to be repaired or replaced

1. Clutch plates and related parts replaced
2. Engine piston rigs replaced.
3. Head Gasket was damaged and replaced.
4. Oil filter, Air filter, Fuel filter replaced.
5. Engine valves were replaced.

Total spare parts cost was Rs.6000/- (easily available) and labour charges 3000/-

Hope now every thing will be alright.

If you guys can suggest me whether the labour charges is ok what i paid.



Posted: 5136 day(s) ago

Hi Biky,

I had faced the similar problem with my Matiz as well. Basically due to its compact engine and lack of front bonet grill the engine tends to heat up. There was a problem with my head gasket and i got it repaired for 1500 rs. in Pune.

Posted: 5135 day(s) ago

clean the radiator. If still the problem is there then check out the head gasket. your problem will be solved.

Posted: 2818 day(s) ago

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