I am Having a Daeweo Matiz 2000 with 72000 KM done For

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I am Having a Daeweo Matiz 2000 with 72000 KM done. For past 1 months i have a problem that still persist.

One evening i took the car, after 20 km the coolant got leaked. after check up i found the lower radiator Hose burst out so i changed the Hose. it went good for a week.
After it onces again now around all the 3 Hose burst and i changed them but it was discovered that the radiator fan fuse was cut so i changed the fuse also.
Now still the car is jerking a lot and engine gets heated soon. The strange thing is it goes fine in reverse gear but jerks in all the gears.
The mechanics tells that either the head gasket is damage or the infold needs to be cleaned.
Can any one tell the solution

And also i don't want to sell it as it is great car.
  • 5067 day(s) ago by Biky
Under: Daewoo Matiz #Cars
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Rajeev Khare
Swift Dzire
Most chance of head gasket damaged. one I had the same problem but wih Fiat & it was rectified by replacing with new head gasket.

Posted: 5066 day(s) ago

The problem is mainly because of improper circulation of coolent.Hence get thorough checking of cooling system is required including water pump,thermostat, radiator cap, radiator etc.

Posted: 5066 day(s) ago

Thanks for the quick reply.

Regarding the parts to be changed
Thermostat is already changed
Water pump is work fine.
for others let mechanic check that i will let you know.

Again thanks for response

Posted: 5065 day(s) ago

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