can swift Diesel be converted to CNG

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can swift Diesel be converted to CNG?
  • 4325 day(s) ago by Shiv Huria
Under: Maruti Swift #Engine-related
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Swift can be fitted CNG kit with minor modifications which will be taken care of by Centers.
The composition of CNG is usually around 70-90% methane with 10-20% ethane, 2-8% propanes, and decreasing quantities of the higher HCs up to pentane.emissions of CO from CNG powered vehicles are of the same order as those emitted by diesel vehicles. However, emissions of total hydrocarbons (THC) from CNG vehicles are relatively high because of methane, the major component of natural gas. Emissions of NOx and particulates from CNG powered vehicles are significantly lower than those from diesel vehicles.

In short, With usage of CNG emissions and polution level is reduced. However disadvantage in practice is the comparitively reduced engine life in long run and.
Theoritically CNG is conversion will be beneficial considering reduced emissions and fuel economy.But in practice considering the increased maintenance costs and frequent visits to service centers make it a not so good option.

Posted: 4325 day(s) ago

Sandeep Singh
well if u r using ur swift disel as comercial purpose then go for it as well as don't go for it becoz both give almost the same mileage,but if u want CNG & 4 comercial purp use it in petrol car

Posted: 4323 day(s) ago

Dear Shiv,
I dont know exactly what benefit you are looking for by converting the Diesel into CNG ?
But technically by retrofitting this must be possible; Since this is a new engine, many retrofitters must be in the development stage of the kits for this model, hence you may be finding it difficlut to retro fit.

Benefits as such would not be much in terms of the fuel efficieny / power or any other parameters.. also interms of economy should work out the same; whatever purpose comm or private use.

Posted: 4321 day(s) ago

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