INFO Hello all M800 owners It is very clear Maruti 800is

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INFO: Hello all M800 owners! It is very clear Maruti 800is the best car in India! and Today Petrol price is Rs.45 per ltr and day by day it will be increase and Maruti800 give Per Ltr average is 22KM. No any car in India give this average. according to this & Car market situation Maruti 800 demand will be increasing day by day. so do not worry about it and not sell ur M800 car! even Nano also not beat with M800 car! as per Indian road condition Nano will not success in India it is final! please keep smile all M800 owner and be proud of it!
  • 5150 day(s) ago by Sunil
Under: Maruti 800 #Cars
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You are wrong

Posted: 5150 day(s) ago

well yes it is the best toy car india has , With bare minimum safety features with no build quality . If a bikes come and bang 800 then 800 will suffer more damage then that bike so its better stop writing all this rubbish to sympathize with 800 owners.


Posted: 5146 day(s) ago

Maruti 800 is the best car for common man so far available. However it is going to be discontinued and phased out by 2010 mainly in the major 11 cities due to the compliance with BSIV norms which shall be introduced sooner or later.
maruti shall come up with its new model Maruti Ritz

Posted: 5146 day(s) ago

Car Trade Internet facility is misused in people blogging and giving their comments on some ones comments.
Please avoid such interactions.
You are not God to tell. Maruti 800 is good car for its price and running in city and also going at times out of city. Why say bad thing about maruti. Tell good things of a product.
Bad things are there in any car unless Mercedes or BMW but at what price and you cannot drive like Maruti. Even someone scratches your car or dents it,you need not spend a fortune. But costly cars are very difficult to drive and it has to be driven by a good driver and you may have to pay
Rs.20,000 salary a month.All are good and all are bad.If you know something you can tell or keep quiet if others say something which is not liked by you.He is not your servant.
I think Car trade should not publish or put such bad comments by those commenting that others comments are bad.Pleae note.

Posted: 5146 day(s) ago

Dear Dr Rao,

While not agreeing with such negative comments, please do note that as an independent site it is not up to us to not show negative opinions, as long as the tone is civil and fair.

Hope you can see my point.


Posted: 5145 day(s) ago


Posted: 5144 day(s) ago

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