I am a customer of nano I got the form paying

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I am a customer of nano, I got the form paying 300/-rupees
but i got astonished and mentally wick when i got to know thata finance taken by SBI,NAYAGARH,ORISSA BRANCH, when they warned that i will not get the valuable money of 3000/-back, if i will not be the beneficiary of the lotery. and the Bank will keep the whole 3000/- rupees for its processing fees. kindly ,please guide me what to do.
I am also worried that the time period 25th april for booking the car has already passed.
  • 4432 day(s) ago by Chitta Mahapatra
Under: Tata Nano #Miscellaneous
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Hello Chitta, you should have done your homework before booking the Nano, or you could have asked the Cartrade experts before booking. Anyways, let me clarify... Since the finance is done and u don't have the Car, the bank cannot process it as a auto-loan. Hence, they will process it equivalent of a personal loan, and the interest starts after the booking day is over (25th April). The Rs 3000 taken from you is the amount of interest collected from you, for 3 months, after which the car will be allotted to you (depends on your luck if Tata allots u one). So if u do not get a car in the lottery, the interest amount of 3 months gets lapsed and you won't get back anything. I also heard that banks and Tata motors have worked out a deal for the Rs 3000, some amount goes to Tata Motors too. All are out to loot innocent consumers like us!

Posted: 4430 day(s) ago

Dear chitta,
before starting the booking tata motor have clearly anounced the booking procedure. the amount of rs 3000 is for financer not for nano car and many more things. and financer is doing some work for you (loan sanction,document varification etc.) chitta i think that you should read it even befre buying a form. if not read atleast you can read it before filling and submitting the form. every thing is clearly defined on form and written on it read it carefully before filling.
no body is looting / cheating you. it is your mistake of doing without reading.

Posted: 4430 day(s) ago

Even if you do not get in first lot, there are lot of chances that you will get later on. The money wont go wasted.You will have to wait to get your choice of buying Nano.You can book the car when bookings will re open in later stages.

Posted: 4429 day(s) ago

Sasi Menon
I am sure that everything is written in the form in 'fine print'. Its just that reading it (and understanding it) must be a bit of a problem. I am also sure that the language used must be difficult to decipher for common people.
So, if you have gone ahead and doled out your hard earned 3000 rupees without reading (and understanding) the 'fine print', its your mistake. It is also your mistake that they have made the procedure of losing your hard earned money indecipherable to you yourself!
After all, this is all part of the capitalist free market enterprise (in other words, legal robbery in daylight!)
PS: As Mr Kurkute has said, you should have read the form.


Posted: 4428 day(s) ago

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